53% Of Rose Garden Vendors Had Critical Health Violations Last Year

Mold in ice machines at six stands at Miller Park in Milwaukee. A cockroach crawling over a soda dispenser in a private club at Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh. Food service workers repeatedly ignoring orders to wash their hands at a stand at Detroit’s Ford Field.

Sports fans don’t always see such health threats when ordering a $5 hot dog and $6 beer at a professional sports stadium or arena. But the violations catch the eyes of inspectors who poke, prod and probe stadium kitchens that dish out a range of foods from burgers to sushi, for tens of millions of fans who eat at major professional sports venues from coast to coast each year.

In Portland, one of the worst offenses occurred when inspectors found raw meat and seafood stored on top of ready-to-eat tacos. Strangely, when I searched county records to see the inspections for myself, nothing comes up for the Rose Garden.

You can read the whole story at KGW.com, and the original report at ESPN.com

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  1. Good Food For Me says

    From someone who has worked in that building – I am not surprised – like – at all. I’ve been to festivals they’ve hosted where the health department would have closed the place down. Garbage on the same tables as where the food is served etc.

  2. livetoeat says

    I worked in one of those non profit fund raising groups for Ovations (Rose Garden, Memorial Coliseum, PIR, and Clark County Amphitheater). The health department must have been turning a blind eye. One of the grossest violations was the cement ceilings in the Coliseum. When people spilled too much beer, soda, vomit, etc. in the stands it would eventually ooze through the concrete and drip down in to the food booths. I saw this ooze drip onto food before it was served.
    Also, never get ice in a beverage. The ice bins would back up and disgusting mold and grime would be floating in the melted ice water that did not drain. Even if the ice bins did drain well, that didn’t keep the filth out from all of the dirty hands touching the ice.
    One last thing, those 6 to 8 dollar beers on tap were known to have mold floating in them from time to time because sometimes there would be days between events and the beer would sit in the lines. They bled the lines before events but it wasn’t always successful.
    This is only the tip of the iceberg. Your safest bet is the fried food. Or prepackaged food.

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