House Spirits Distillery Brunch

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I rarely mention press releases on the main site, but this one caught my eyes for several reason. First, it's a BREAKFAST with paired cocktails. Second, the menu sounds great: Brunch & Cocktail Menu for both days Roquefort toast with soft-boiled egg Cocktail by Neil K.: The May Pole (w/ 100% Malted Barley … [Read more...]

Tales of the Cocktail Part 3

Tales of the Cocktail coaster

I'm finally back from New Orleans. Although the Tales of the Cocktail ended on Monday, I stayed to visit with friends and take a quick side trip to Austin to visit some relatives. It's good to be back in the cooler weather of Portland. A few more observations: Absinthe is all over the place this year, and my tour of … [Read more...]

Tales of the Cocktail Part Deux

Tales of the Cocktail New Orleans

I've been having a great time in the Big Easy, and enjoying all the events at Tales of the Cocktail. My liver is reeling. Between all the samples handed out at tastings and presentations, and the freely-flowing cocktails at the official events, I'm glad this event is coming to an end. More highlights: I've been on … [Read more...]

Tales of the Cocktail 2007 & 2008!


Forward by Food Dude: Still at Tales of the Cocktail 2008, so I'm in no condition to write about anything. These people can drink! On the other hand, it's so hot and humid here, you pretty much have to drink; only way to keep cool, you know? I went to a whiskey tasting at 10:30 this morning, this after spending … [Read more...]

Review: Teardrop Cocktail Lounge

Teardrop Lounge

As I was doing research for this review in my father's old bar notebook, I came across a list of ingredients labeled "always have on hand". What especially interested me were incidentals like falernum, cassis, five types of bitters, orange flower water, Herbsaint, and tepache. They were standard ingredients back in … [Read more...]