Remembering Food …

David Jenkins

I grew up in a family that was not sophisticated about food. We were not sophisticated about many things ... the red Nash Rambler with Bible verses painted on both sides, our clothing from neighborhood rummage sales, our house on the north end of town ... and our food. I trace our relationship to food to my … [Read more...]

A Classic Portland Tale of Yelp Reviews


By Charley Michaels God, I love and hate eating out in Portland. Would hate to run a restaurant even more. A Yelp review (names withheld): Upon entering the ambience was warm welcoming, and lively, but once we were seated it was evident that the noise level was too loud for comfort. Next set back: service was slow. … [Read more...]

Best of the Best Portland Coffee

Coffee from Roman Candle

(This article is a bit dated. You'll find newer, expanded articles here.) By Sonia - Portland has so much going for it food wise, that it becomes hard to keep track. A fantastic new restaurant/bar/cart seems to open every other day, and we're all scrambling to keep up with which places are good and which places are … [Read more...]

Smoke Follows Beauty

David Jenkins

[Editors note: This piece was sent to me as part of the contest we have going on, but didn't quite fit the size constraints. ] My father would have made a better Old Testament prophet than a barber. He often wandered the mountains of eastern Oregon with a gnarled walking stick, erecting crosses and altars to mark … [Read more...]

Taste of 2007? Nutmeg


I'm not sure how it happened, but 2007 marked the Nutmeg Renaissance. No one knows precisely why, but nutmeg became the hot ingredient last year, a triumph it hasn't enjoyed for several centuries. Each year has its trendy ingredient, dish or preparation. In 2003 the rave was over chipotlés. In 1999 everything had … [Read more...]

Spella Caffe


By guest writer Axel Benjamin Coffee Roaster Andrea Spella tells me over my morning cappuccino that he developed his love for coffee when he was just a kid. Growing up in a second-story apartment above a bakery in Chicago, Spella's Italian-American family would make stout stove top coffee with a Moka Pot. Today, … [Read more...]

So Why Are Domestic Wines So Expensive?

Wine rack

["PDXMan" saw the comment below, and decided to fill me in. I thought his response was so good, it deserved publishing. I appreciate the time he took crafting his response.] "Many times imports are a much better bargain then domestics. It drives me crazy that heavy bottles can be shipped half way across the world and … [Read more...]