A Classic Portland Tale of Yelp Reviews


By Charley Michaels God, I love and hate eating out in Portland. Would hate to run a restaurant even more. A Yelp review (names withheld): Upon entering the ambience was warm welcoming, and lively, but once we were seated it was evident that the noise level was too loud for comfort. Next set back: service was slow. … [Read more...]

Best of the Best Portland Coffee

Coffee from Roman Candle

(This article is a bit dated. You'll find newer, expanded articles here.) By Sonia - Portland has so much going for it food wise, that it becomes hard to keep track. A fantastic new restaurant/bar/cart seems to open every other day, and we're all scrambling to keep up with which places are good and which places are … [Read more...]

Taste of 2007? Nutmeg


I'm not sure how it happened, but 2007 marked the Nutmeg Renaissance. No one knows precisely why, but nutmeg became the hot ingredient last year, a triumph it hasn't enjoyed for several centuries. Each year has its trendy ingredient, dish or preparation. In 2003 the rave was over chipotlés. In 1999 everything had … [Read more...]

Spella Caffe


By guest writer Axel Benjamin Coffee Roaster Andrea Spella tells me over my morning cappuccino that he developed his love for coffee when he was just a kid. Growing up in a second-story apartment above a bakery in Chicago, Spella's Italian-American family would make stout stove top coffee with a Moka Pot. Today, … [Read more...]

So Why Are Domestic Wines So Expensive?

Wine rack

["PDXMan" saw the comment below, and decided to fill me in. I thought his response was so good, it deserved publishing. I appreciate the time he took crafting his response.] "Many times imports are a much better bargain then domestics. It drives me crazy that heavy bottles can be shipped half way across the world and … [Read more...]

First Impressions: Five-O-Three


On a recent visit to Five-O-Three, it scored a hit in creativity, service, atmosphere, and most of all in seasonal food prepared and presented impeccably. This eatery in a newly renovated strip-mall-cum-life-style-center delivered a dining experience seldom found in the suburbs. Settling into a cozy booth, our foursome … [Read more...]

Coffee Guide: Coffehouse NW

Cup of coffee

That Coffeehouse NW has become a destination for coffee fans citywide is a miracle. The pedestrian-hostile, auto-drenched corridor of Burnside Street is anything but cute—not so much resembling the two-lane, café-lined Eastside connectors like Belmont and Mississippi. And while Coffeehouse NW was trying to build its … [Read more...]