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Review: A Private Letter to Two Tarts Bakery


You two little tarts! I don't want to love you, you wicked temptress! You are my Delilah, weakening me with your gooey chocolate chip cookies sprinkled with sea salt; cookies that called me back to the register at the coffee-house, even after I'd sat down with my drink. My femme fatale, how well your alluring treats … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Bundt Cake!

Bundt Cake

Did you know that today is the 60th anniversary of the Bundt cake pan? Ah, where would we be without this classic cake, popular at just about every bake sale, church coffee social and old fashioned pot luck I've ever had the pleasure to attend. I'm especially fond of my Aunt's excellent, and quite popular in the … [Read more...]

Review: Random Order Coffeehouse


(updated 6.2012) There is a really good bakery just down the street from my house. The thing is, you’d never know it was there unless you were to go inside. You see, it’s not a bakery. It’s a coffee shop. But aside from croissants and scones brought in from Pearl Bakery, all of the items are made on site, daily. A … [Read more...]

Cacao Chocolate Shop


By Cuisine Bonne Femme and Joanna Miller There are shops that sell chocolate and then there are Chocolate Shops. The latter, if they are first-rate, can inspire even the most hardened and cynical among us. Take this recent email for example: To: Cuisine Bonne Femme From: Food Dude Marked: URGENT!!!! Drop … [Read more...]