Reader's Choice - Best of 2011!

These are our Reader’s choices for Best Restaurants 2011 from our survey of over 900 readers! You’ll find their top choices by type of cuisine and more.

Survey 2011: Best Group Dining

Toro Bravo

This pretty much fell along the lines of whatever restaurants in town have a group table, and are reasonably priced. Not sure why I even asked this question, though number 2 was a surprise. Out of 556 votes: Toro Bravo – 120 NE Russell St., Portland. Map (503) 281-4464  My review. Andina – 1314 Northwest … [Read more...]

Survey 2011: Best New Restaurants

Tasty N Son's Chicken Strips

Only a few questions results left -next week I will finish with Best Restaurants. For those of you who will ask, yes, all of these opened in 2010. Fin would have placed second, but it isn't open anymore, so those votes were eliminated. However, they get an honorable mention. Out of 554 votes: Tasty N Sons -25% … [Read more...]

Survey 2011: Best Lunch in Portland

Bunk Sandwiches Portland

My vote would be lunch in a sunny park in Portland, but I suppose any of these restaurants could provide that, and give you a decent place to eat on a rainy day. One of the choices absolutely buttered everyone else in the survey results. Out of 748 votes: Bunk Sandwiches -26% of the vote. 621 Southeast Morrison … [Read more...]

Survey 2011: Best Place for a Business Lunch


As we wind down to the readers choice for Top Restaurants, we have three more survey results to post. The first few choices didn't surprise me, but third choice made no sense to me, especially when compared to the others. I don't have anything against the restaurant, it's just that it has a totally different … [Read more...]

Survey 2011: Best Happy Hour in Portland

Beer at Horse Brass Pub

This vote restored some of my faith in readers picking some of the more interesting places in town rather than the most popular. I'm rather surprised by the outcome. Although we got a good number of votes, there was a huge spread in the number of restaurants nominated, which meant only a few had enough to stand … [Read more...]

Survey 2011: Best Wine List

Wine rack

This question was suggested by a reader, and added to the poll at the last-minute. I think it was a good idea, and was interested to see which restaurants placed on top of the pack. Here are the results. Out of 490 votes cast: Metrovino -20% of the vote.  1139 Northwest 11th Ave., Portland, OR 97209 (503) … [Read more...]