Brasserie Montmartre Closed? Nope!

Updated: I got a tip earlier this week that the Brasserie over at 626 SW Park Avenue was closing, but at the time, everything seemed normal. However, a quick check tonight showed they have suddenly been taken off of Open Table, usually a sign that the restaurant has closed. In addition, a call to the restaurant results in a “mailbox full” recording, also a very bad omen. Their Facebook refers to MySpace, which hasn’t been updated since last Spring.

However, after originally posting they may have closed, I heard from a reader who was able to make a reservation for next week, so I went by and confirmed that the Brasserie is indeed still open, and they served me a nice drink at the bar. Their listing has now reappeared on Open Table.

The Brasserie Montmartre opened in 1978 in what was originally named the Calumet Hotel. It was a popular hot spot, known for its eclectic French bistro menu and live music. However, business slowly dropped off, and the restaurant closed in 2006. After being vacant for nearly three years, the restaurant was completely gutted and reopened by
Matt and Sara Maletis, who signed a 20-year lease. I haven’t been in since they remodeled, and found it to be rather nice.

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  1. sidemeat says

    Maletis? Of the beverage distribution company? A 20 year lease?
    What’s that old joke? How do you make a small fortune in the restaurant business?

  2. sidemeat says

    Well, that’s awkward…
    Listen, dude, I got your back on this one, Ms. Maletis owes me one from that time I gave her
    a Heimlich when she got into a hot wing eating contest with that Schnitzer dame.
    I should tell you that story sometime….

  3. CMT says

    I had brunch there with two friends a few months ago. It was us and one other table at opening and no one else came in to eat the whole time we were there. Food was ok, service more than adequate. The one big negative was the location of the restrooms-down a hall past the garbage room. The smell was overwhelming and ruined the meal for my friends. It may have been like that before the closure, but I don’t remember. I wish them well, but they need to address that issue!

    • Mmaletis says

      That is good to know. We have made changes in the layout of the building so that issue will not ever arise again. I am sorry that you had that experience and can assure you it will not happen again.

  4. martyn says

    In for lunch yesterday, the 8th. It was laughably bad. Service/Food, something is clearly going wrong there.

  5. John says

    We’ve been in a couple of times. Great and gregarious bartender. Food both times was average, not ‘laughably bad’ (which I assume means it equates with Denny’s or something?) and service was good. They were very nice, owner came and talked to us. I wish them well, unless the food gets better we won’t eat there again. It is a nice place for a late night drink; as Dude says, nice atmosphere, with jazz, like the place used to be. But I think they closed due to a seismic or building safety issue, not lack of business FD. That’s what I remember.

    • Mmaletis says

      Thank you for you kind words. We are constantly updating and improving our menu as well as trying out new specials and chefs tasting menus to appeal to “foodies”

  6. Pdxter says

    I’ve eaten there 3 times for work meals, not because of choice. I’ve been in 3 times for drinks. I have NEVER had a good experience in the last 8 months. The bartender is the rudest most worthless bartender in Portland. He is snappy and slow, especially when there is NEVER anyone in there. The food is beyond terrible. This place could be good given its location and interior, but the management, food, service all needs to be replaced. I’m pretty sure the Maletis family owns the building, so no need for a 20 year lease. I’ve would not be surprised to see a closed sign on their door anytime soon.

    • Mmaletis says

      First off thank you for your encouraging words on the decor. Sorry you did not enjoy your meal we are constantly striving for perfection and may have fallen short. We will continue to work on it. I will immediately address your issue with our bartender. We have no room for people who do not treat our customers with respect. My email is I welcome any feedback.

  7. FoodPDX says

    Brasserie has by far the worst service I have ever had. The waitress stared at us like she had no clue why she was standing at our table. It was awkward and uncomfortable.

    I have also heard through the grapevine (aka wine reps) that they are in fact closing. It could be a rumor but don’t think they can sustain themselves much longer….unless the Maletis family is pumping in their own money to keep the doors open.

    • Mmaletis says

      We strive to make sure all of our servers are capable and provide our guest with top notch service. I am sorry to hear yours was not. If this continues she will not work with us for long as we have several servers who are excellent. Not sure how wine reps would have any knowledge of our business but we are definatley not closing. My direct email is I welcome any feedback.

  8. Mmaletis says

    Wow!?! This is out of left field. I am the owner and we are definatley not closing! It is unfortunate to hear all of these negative responses. Generally this is not what we have been hearing from customers. Business has been very good and has seen steady increases. I will take all criticisms into consideration and make changes as we see fit.

  9. gustoeater says

    and make changes as we see fit.
    This is the sound of an out-of-touch owner. Perhaps to him business being good means late night bar business. I called and complained about my experiences Saturday to the “manager” and didnt get so much as an apology. It sounds like that level of lack of care flows from the top.

  10. glainie says


    I applaud you for attempting to address each of these critiques individually, however, given the consistancy of the complaints, perhaps your time would be better spent on the floor and/or in the kitchen of the restaurant, not on your computer. Just sayin’ : )

  11. GDub says

    gustoeater hit the nail on the head by remarking that the owner seemed out-of-touch. My first clue was the “foodies” designation.

    • sidemeat says

      well, on this site, is ‘foodies’ inappropriate?
      ‘foodies’ like to grump
      sometime deservedly, sometimes not.
      Mmaletis, don’t go overboard with corrections or reprimands to your staff
      a sudden whipping of things into shape likely will not fix anything
      new faces on systemic problems
      instead, if you believe that service and or food are not what you would like
      at your restaurant
      spend some time there,
      watch what goes on.
      talk with people, guests and staff
      get to know your own place.
      Are your staff able to provide good service?
      Do they have the tools, systems, organization
      and time to provide good service?
      Because I tell you truthfully,
      no amount of effort, drive or desire
      can allow a person to perform well
      if the system is screwed.

      i suppose i’m more of a ‘servie’
      it’s the play, the interaction between they that serve
      and those they serve.
      both the server and the served have to get it right for things to go well.
      despite whatever grumps i might post here or elsewhere
      regarding the pleasure of serving the public
      when it goes right, for everyone,
      when people come in looking for a good time
      hungry, thirsty, enjoying the company that they have
      and the kitchen and bar are providing good stuff
      and the weeds don’t get deep with the whiners
      and the special needs people that gum up the works for everyone
      and you can ask, ‘what’s good?’
      and i can say ‘you’re gonna like this’
      and it comes out, you taste it…..and…
      it IS good
      well, damn,
      being a waiter can be just about the best job ever…

  12. zumpie says

    Don’t have a dog in this race—I loved the old restaurant, but haven’t been there since the re-opening. While it appears the owner is seeking to triage any and all complaints, haven’t they been open for at least a year?

    That said, back in the day, with a former employer, Maletis was a client/sponsor. They were TERRIBLE about paying their bills (though hugely demanding), so maybe that’s what got them knocked off Open Table. OR given all this sudden triage, no Open Table, full mailbox, etc maybe there’s been/about to be a house cleaning.

    But honestly, ALL speculation on my part (aside from Maletis being a slow paying/high maintenance client).

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