Brian Polcyn presents Cured Cuisine, the Art and Craft of Charcuterie

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On July 14 & 15, Brian Polcyn presents Cured Cuisine. Chef Polcyn will share the craft and art of charcuterie to interested foodies. Chef Polcyn, a nationally recognized authority on the technique of charcuterie is co-author of the book Charcuterie & Salumi with Michael Ruhlman, one of today’s highest regarded food writers.

This two day class is $650 and will be held at the Sysco Wilsonville Campus. Chef Polcyn holds these classes all over the United States, and many big names have attended. Chef’s from Hell’s Kitchen, Taste and Chopped have attended, plus nationally known Chefs such as David Burke, Morimoto, Emeril, Bradley Ogden have all sent chefs to his class.

“Think about the classic American breakfast, eggs & bacon. The chicken makes a contribution but the pig makes a commitment! Be the bacon!”
-Chef Brian Polcyn
Chef/Owner of Forest Grill

Charcuterie presented by Chef Brian Polcyn
Learn the basics from the best. You can see all the details here.
July 14 & 15, 2013
Sysco Wilsonville Campus
Hog provided by Tyler and Alicia Jones of Afton Field Farm


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