New Review: SE Portland’s Roman Candle

Roman Candle

This is of course, an April Fools joke. I'm so tired of all the stupid words being made up by aging writers in a vain attempt to come across as cool, all the stupidity to make the food scene sound more important than it really is, and the over-the-top hyperbole being used by people who used to be good critics, I … [Read more...]

Ingredient of the month – all about Oxtail


This was, of course, an April Fools joke. I apologize to the lady who wrote me a nasty letter this morning about being embarrassed by her butcher. This is the first of a new once a month series of articles about food ingredients. I hope you use the information to better understand some of the lesser used but … [Read more...]

Breaking: Post Cereal Food Fraud!

One of our faithful sleuths turned us on to this story, and it's a exclusive! Brace yourself; Post Grape-Nuts cereal contains "whole grain wheat flour, malted barley flour, salt and dried yeast". Hello? What's missing here? Grapes! There are no grapes in Grape-Nuts cereal. Further investigation … [Read more...]

Four Out-There Restaurants Coming to Stumptown

(This was, of course, and April Fools Joke) This town is dense with dining establishments and packed with foodies. For anyone with restaurateur ambitions, it's a tough market to squeeze into and an even tougher crowd to please. While they may not be your dream themes, here's a rundown of the four most out-there … [Read more...]

Spaghetti Crop Forcast

In 1957, the BBC ran what is considered by many to be one of the greatest April Fools jokes of all times - a report on the Swiss spaghetti harvest.  Back in those days, many people weren't familiar with pasta, and knew nothing about how it was made. According to the Museum of Hoaxes, "Huge numbers of viewers were taken … [Read more...]