Sunday School Nights at the Bent Brick

Tartare at the Bent Brick Portland

The good folks at The Bent Brick are starting a Sunday School Nights program, with 10% of all sales from the day being donated to a public school. This includes proceeds from the happy hour which runs all evening - 5 p.m. - 9 p.m. Woodlawn School is the first jumping on board, but they are looking for more! The … [Read more...]

Catching up: PDX Food News for January 13th


Chef Adam Kaplan is joining the owners of the Aalto Lounge to take over the former Hoda's space in Beaumont. According to Eater, the restaurant called Bang Bang will include a full bar, and will feature Thai curries and drinking snacks. Kaplan, who was the chef at Genoa (before it closed the first time in 2008) as … [Read more...]

On to 2015!


This post is delayed because I've been out-of-town, but I thought I'd take a moment to write about the past year, and a few notes about the year ahead. Half way through writing this post, I realized 2015 will be the 10th year of First, it's always interesting (at least to me), what the most … [Read more...]

The travails of facebook


I'm such a rebel. That is the only way I can explain my hate affair with Facebook. Or I'm lazy. That could be it too. You see, years ago when I started with Facebook, I didn't bother to read the volumes-long small print that says something to the effect that you can't use anything but your absolutely, positively real … [Read more...]

Where to Get Your Coffee Fix on NY Day 2015!


<updated - Beaverton and Portland> After a night of over indulgence, many of us will feel the need for coffee on New Year's Day. Here are some locations where you can get your fix. If you know of additional locations, feel free to drop me a note/tweet. Barista Coffee Following stores open 8am - … [Read more...]