Noisette to Close


Noisette Restaurant is closing - eventually. As of now they have not announced the exact closing date. Chef/owner Tony Demes has worked under famed chefs Thomas Keller, Michael Romao, Roland Cheneau and David Bouley. In 1995 he opened the lauded Couvron in Portland, which was known for its hours long tasting menus. … [Read more...]

New Seasons Market to Open St. Johns Store

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New Seasons Market is opening a new branch in St. Johns. From the press release: Locally owned  and  operated  New  Seasons  Market  announced  today  that  it  plans  to open  a  25,000-­‐square-­‐foot  grocery  store  at  the  southeast  corner  of  N.  Lombard  Street  and  N.  Westanna  Avenue  in  spring … [Read more...]

Baklava Bakery Video Dazzles


FoodieTV, the folks behind the iPhone app, have posted a beautifully shot video of a commercial baklava bakery. The origin of baklava is hotly contested, but this restaurant in Gaziantep, Turkey has been making it since 1887. Join Daniel and Mirra from The Perennial Plate as they tour famed baklava producer … [Read more...]

Harvester Brewing Being Forced to Change Name

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Portland's Harvester Brewing is being forced to change its name by a California wine company named Hope Family Wines. According to Harvester, the maker of Liberty School, Treana, Candor, Austin Hope and Troublemaker wines "has decided that our use of Harvester will create brand confusion and has demanded that we change … [Read more...]