Portland Coffeehouse Profiles

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  • A Portland Coffeehouse Roundup – Our Coffee Series Cup of coffeePortland has a collective passion about coffee that’s borderline obsessive. It’s easy to find beans freshly roasted to your tastes here, as well as that velvety ambrosia known as a properly made cappuccino. While we won’t claim Portland is the top coffee city in the world, or the U.S. for that matter, coffee here comes ... Read post
  • Best of the Best Portland Coffee Coffee from Roman Candle(This article is a bit dated. You’ll find newer, expanded articles here.) By Sonia – Portland has so much going for it food wise, that it becomes hard to keep track. A fantastic new restaurant/bar/cart seems to open every other day, and we’re all scrambling to keep up with which places are good and which places ... Read post
  • Coffee Guide: Albina Press Albina Press CoffeehouseI am sitting here with a perfect cup of coffee. That is why I love Starbucks. Do I have your attention? For most people these days, their first exposure to coffee comes from one of the mass-market chains such as Starbucks. Starbucks gives them that first addiction, the ‘need’ to get coffee every day. Then one ... Read post
  • Coffee Guide: Barista Barista Coffee AlbertaOwner Billy Wilson used to be referred to as a “Rock Star Barista” due to his suave, heavily tattooed looks, and three winning Northwest Barista Championship titles. These days, he’s left all of that behind, and as a father of two, he spends most nights at home. Billy says that he’s hung up his competition ... Read post
  • Coffee Guide: Café Velo Cafe Velo PortlandCoffee and Bicycling are close cultural twins in Portland. The city has a reputation near and far for being an epicenter of both. Add to this equation Portland’s passion for food carts, and Café Velo appears to be the natural evolution in the Portland coffee scene. What started as a single pedal-powered coffee cart in 2008, Café ... Read post
  • Coffee Guide: Caffe Umbria Caffe Umbria portlandCaffé Umbria appeared on the scene a few months ago, with all the flash and glamour you’d expect for a major restaurant opening. Getting through the door and fighting my way through the mob, it was hard to believe all of this fuss was for yet another coffeehouse. This new cafe is in the Casey Building, ... Read post
  • Coffee Guide: Case Study Coffee Case Study Coffee PortlandOriginally started as an espresso catering company in 2005, Case Study opened their outer NE Sandy café in 2010. What sets Case Study apart from countless other neighborhood cafés in Portland? We think it’s a passion and a concerted effort to do things better. With a focus on small batch-roasted coffee, house-made syrups and warm customer service, ... Read post
  • Coffee Guide: Clive Coffee Clive-Coffee-4Clive Coffee might seem to be a misnomer in this coffee series, for it is not a café. While Clive does have a small selection of their own quality roasts, their primary focus is their retail shop and online business. Clive showcases a revolving line-up of beans by the pound from top Portland roasters, and ... Read post
  • Coffee Guide: Coava Coffee Roasters Coava Coffee PortlandAlthough Matt Higgins has been in the coffee business for over a decade, he began Coava, as many Portland roasters have, out of a humble garage in 2008. Just a few years later, Higgins still roasts on his trusty Probats, but has moved  out of the garage and into a beautifully designed retail shop, which ... Read post
  • Coffee Guide: Coffeehouse Northwest/Sterling Coffee Roasters Sterling CoffeeCoffeehouse Northwest owner Adam McGovern and his loyal talented crew are purists and perfectionists: you get a pared down menu of drinks, a few pastry items and that’s it. But that’s all you need here where baristas are known to toss a just made cappuccino if the ristretto or foam isn’t to their standards. They ... Read post
  • Coffee Guide: Courier Coffee Courier Coffee Portland ExteriorSome Portland cafés are sleek and polished, with expensive build-outs and stone countertops, while others look to a classic, yet polished style with antiques, gilded mirrors, and bow-tied staff. Then there’s Courier, who proudly keeps their DIY, almost punk rock esthetic at the forefront, in a thrift store meets shared rock and roll band house ... Read post
  • Coffee Guide: Heart Heart Coffee Roasters Portland InteriorThings you don’t need to know about Heart Coffee Roasters but I’m going to tell you anyway: Owner Wille Yli-Luoma is Finnish, and he’s a well-regarded pro-snowboarder. Why does this matter? It adds to the distinctive personality that is Heart Coffee. He has a Finnish sensibility around nature and science, combined with a professional sportsman’s ... Read post