Portland Coffee House News and Reviews

Portland Oregon is known for its coffee scene, so we tend to cover a lot of news and reviews of coffee houses. You'll find them listed here.

Reader Survey 2015: Best Coffeehouse in Portland

Barista Coffee - Pearl District

The number of coffeehouses that have opened over the past few years made untangling the votes for Best Coffeehouse in Portland a challenge. We love our coffee, and judging by the comments, many of us have strong preferences about coffeehouses. For this survey I left out "Best Roaster" for another survey, because I … [Read more...]

Coffee Guide: Café Velo

Cafe Velo Portland

Coffee and Bicycling are close cultural twins in Portland. The city has a reputation near and far for being an epicenter of both. Add to this equation Portland’s passion for food carts, and Café Velo appears to be the natural evolution in the Portland coffee scene. What started as a single pedal-powered coffee cart … [Read more...]

Coffee Guide: Water Avenue

Water Avenue Coffee - Interior

A newcomer on the Portland coffee scene, Water Avenue Coffee started as a pop-up shop named Temporary Coffee during construction of their permanent space in 2009. They officially opened in 2010, in the up and coming Central Eastside Industrial District, on, you guessed it, SE Water Avenue, next to Clive Coffee in a … [Read more...]

Coffee Guide: Spella Caffe

Spella Coffee

Spella Caffe has their own unique rhythm in Portland’s crowded café world. If there’s any proof that Portland roasters and cafes are highly individualized, then Spella is it. Master Roaster and owner Andrea Spella has been in the coffee business for decades, but has a different approach to café ownership, design and … [Read more...]

Coffee Guide: Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown Coffee Ace Hotel

Some companies are game changers. Not just in their cities or industries, but in changing the overall culture. In the coffee industry, Starbucks is the obvious one. But so is Stumptown, and as Portland’s most powerful, “world dominating” roaster of all time, it brings out more heated debate, love, disdain and yes, … [Read more...]