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  1. Amoureuse says

    Good for David ! and the Modera. Yeah another Italian joint is just what Portland did not really need. With Pazzo, Pastini, and the one place across from the Arlington Club near the back entrance to the Schnitz. But David is a good guy and operator. I just hope it does not become another Pazzo. Also being situated in a hotel is tough duty. Long hours, breakfast, lunch and dinner open all holidays 7 days a week. I know David will hire good management, and he knows the drill. It has to be rather daunting though.

  2. brewmaster says

    Hell yes! I’ve heard this too. If there’s anyone in Portland who can create an excellent restaurant in this space it’s David Machado. I don’t see why it’s daunting either Amoureuse. Pazzo was a venerable establishment when it opened and many of the best chefs in town (Dolich, Paley, etc.) spent time under David in that very kitchen. Plus, the Modera space is one of the most gorgeous in Portland. It has the ability to define an entire neighborhood.

    The South end of DT is lacking in good restaurants. There’s Higgins, and that’s about it. I imagine this will be one of Portland’s finest. Machado hasn’t let us down yet.

  3. VonDrashy says

    I hope this doesn’t mean that Lauro will go further downhill or that Vindalho’s food will suffer without David’s presence.

  4. says

    VonDrashy, Machado is a pro. He tends to hire good chefs and get each restaurant running smoothly before he moves to the next one. My guess is they won’t change.

  5. VonDrashy says

    I wish Lauro would change – for the better. It was my goto restaurant for years (living a few blocks away helped) but the food has suffered recently. I figured it was because David’s attentions were on Vindalho (which continues to be excellent). I just don’t want another great restaurant in my hood to suffer so that downtown can get another Pazzo (although I do eat in their bar since my office is a block and a half away).

  6. brewmaster says

    Since when has Lauro taken a dive? Lauro is a great restaurant, and continues to be one of the most consistent in Portland. Chef Jen is seriously talented, and such a wonderful gal. We’ve been going to Lauro for a few years, and have never been disappointed. What’s more, David Machado is a class-A guy. I’m glad the Dude finally confirmed this long-running Modera rumor.

  7. Food Gems says

    Lauro’s food is better than ever.

    I had an incredible Daube there on Thursday and my companion chowed down on a delicious pasta with chicken and capers.

    Service is tight, gracious and the room was humming.

  8. VonDrashy says

    I’ve been disappointed every time I’ve eaten at Lauro in the last six months and have heard the same from two friends. Admittedly I don’t go on a weekly basis anymore so there is a very slim chance that I went on off nights. I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Jen so I hesitate to blame her and just assumed that it was Daren’s absence and David’s focus on Vindalho that caused the food to suffer. I’m not a hater, far from it, just disappointed. I’ll give them another try. And another. And another. All based solely on my past love for their food and it’s location to my house.

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