Eric Bechard Sells Community Plate

Back in April, Eric Bechard of Thistle restaurant in McMinville, opened another local venture just around the corner from Thistle, called Community Plate, “a light breakfast/coffee/sandwich shop by day and an old school cookery by night”. I went down there to do a review, and I liked the menu, but the service was so off-putting, I walked out and ate somewhere else. I never did get around to going back to try the food.

According to a press release today, Eric has sold his 50% stake to his business partner, Scott Cunningham.

Most recently, Cunningham managed wine industry anchor restaurant, The Dundee Bistro, and also co-managed hospitality for Soter Vineyards in 2010. Previous experience includes more than 10 years of restaurant management in the San Francisco Bay area.

“I am thrilled to be responsible for the mission of living locally and sustainably that motivated the formation of Community Plate,” says Cunningham. “We have strong relationships with our local farmers that have allowed us to expand both the breakfast and lunch menus as well as develop a catering program.  We are in the midst of summer’s best offerings as we speak and are looking forward to sharing the bounty of this region with the community that supports us.”

Cunningham notes the positive nature of the transfer of ownership.  “I am deeply grateful for the tremendous amount of work that both Eric and Emily put into the creation of Community Plate.  Their contributions are invaluable.”

Sounds all love and kisses to me. Now I just need to get to Eric’s new bar, Oak & Ivy, which opened last week.

Oak & Ivy Bar

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. pinotgeek says

    You should go back to CP and review. The kid running the kitchen is super talented… Great food. It’s still counter service but super friendly and 1000 times more customer friendly than previously. They don’t say no anymore.

  2. Tim Wilson says

    I hadn’t tried CP because of the lousy experience I had at Thistle. Now that it’s in Scott’s hands, I will have to check it out.

  3. bird says

    Where is Oak & Ivy? I might try Community Plate, again. It was disorganized, not very friendly considering the customer waits on himself, and our salads and sandwiches were lacking. I prefer Bistro Maison for lunch.

    • Kurt Vonage says

      Community Plate is a great restaurant, and to be able to get farm to table food and not stale pre made french food is great. I have seen Jesse the chef butchering all the meats himself! Thank you Community Plate and goodbye stuffy Thistle!

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