Food Haiku 2013! Win 2 Tickets to Next Week’s Taste of the Nation!

taste-of-nationTHE CONTEST HAS NOW CLOSED  – judging has now begun. Thanks to everyone who has entered! The winner will be announced before noon tomorrow, so if you have entered, check back!

I’ve been traveling the past few weeks and almost missed running the 2013 “fooku”, Portland Food and Drink’s annual food haiku contest. Once again I have partnered with Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation at McMenamin’s Crystal Hotel & Ballroom. The winner will receive two general-admission tickets for the event on Tuesday May 7th (a $170 value!).

Enjoy an evening with Oregon’s Best Chefs, Winemakers, Brewers & Distillers as they come together to end childhood hunger.

Each ticket purchased helps support Share Our Strength’s efforts in eliminating childhood hunger as well as our local beneficiaries. In the wake of staggering reports that nearly half of all children in the U.S. will be on food stamps at the some point in their life, there is no time to waste. The time to act is now.

Thank you for your continued support in our mission to ensure that no kid goes hungry and we look forward to seeing you at the Taste of the Nation Portland 2013!

You can read more information about the event at If you planning to attend, you might want to read Sud’s Sisters “Taste of the Nation: a Battle Plan”. This doesn’t give you much time, so sharpen your pencils and wax poetic! I will announce and notify the winner on Sunday morning, so be sure to keep an eye on the site, and use an email address where I can reach you. Let’s keep it to 5 entries per person.

Haiku FlowersThe rules are pretty simple. Your entry must be in haiku format. The ancient art of haiku requires precision: a five syllable first line; seven syllable second line; and five syllable third line. Many haiku features a last line that works like a friendly elbow in the ribs. We only ask that your entry be about food or wine. *(It has been pointed out to me this year that the 5-7-5 rule is an American invention. We might go a different direction next spring)

[A syllable is a part of a word capable of being pronounced by a single impulse of the voice. I’m sure someone can explain this more simply than me, but it’s the way the word rolls off of the tongue. “Cat” is one syllable. “Be-cause” is two. “Syl-la-ble” is three.]

Check out the winning entries from earlier years below for ideas and to get the feel of haiku. Have fun! Please leave your entries in the comment section of this post, one entry per comment. I’ll need your email address to notify you if you win, but it will be kept private, and will never be given to anyone else. Entries will close on Sunday May 5th at 12pm. The winner will be picked by the Food Dudes.

Here are winning “fooku” from various contest over the years:


By Dave

to err is human
and to forgive is divine
I served red with fish

Honorable mention to Amber:

Wine filled our glasses,
Lingered on your lips, so I
Drank too much of both.


By Kassie Halpin Robinson:
Fresh, raw, exquisite:
Salmon’s salt, tang, rests on pearls
Wasabi bursts through

By What’s for supper?:
The comfort of food
Shared with family and friends
Saved me this hard year.

By AmandaAngelaMarjorie:
sips bubbly and cooks
sizzling greens in garlic cloves
low spring moon hangs full


By Mark:
Morning coffee brews
Melting butter on warm toast
The furnace kicks in

By Maria W.
Give me some pasta
forkfuls of love and ruin.
The wine’s nearly gone.

By Maria W:
Farmers Market says
“no dogs this year.” May I bring
Spot, my truffle pig?


By MySwanDive:
inhale swirls of cab
palate warmed, bask in the fire
newly lit like me

By Zac Stafford:
He cooked with passion.
The real reason we broke up?
Knives in dishwasher


By CookForHire:
sound of meat browning
feel of knife through vegetable:
a true cook’s reward

By Womby:
at last, no jacket
instead, i grab sunglasses
soon come the favas

By Truth:
airy is the crumb
earthy, this crust of Pearl
heavenly, the smell


By Fathom:
Now forego the fork
Hold close this slice of heaven
Perfect on a crust

By Pam:
Champagne, strawberries
and you, here in my warm bed.
Who cares if it rains?

By Witzend:
How bad could it be?
Real bad. Think Hung Far Low bad.
Ok, fine! YOU choose.

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. gogopdx says

    you made me dinner
    I brought the red wine you liked
    the sun set we danced

  2. Renee Oberdorf says

    Haiku about HARVESTING food, salad to be exact:

    rain drops on my head
    tiny leaf by tiny leaf
    the bucket does fill

  3. elfinpdx says

    Taste of the nation
    eat drink celebrate and share
    there’s strength in numbers

  4. themick says

    Twenty four hours left
    The fast food of poetry
    You like fries with that.

  5. Ben says

    Breakfast like a boss:
    Fresh fruit, eggs, home made sausage.
    Mimosa? Damn straight.

  6. Cerulean says

    Oaked, bright, chewy? Huh?
    Barnyard? Silky? Steely? Oh.
    Any wine will do!

  7. Ben says

    No, you can’t have more.
    Birthday cake is all gone now.
    Yes, Daddy is mean.

  8. Virginia says

    Blush or rosé? Well…
    I know there’s a diff’rence but
    Taste the same to me

  9. Virginia says

    Your food’s exquisite
    But your wine selection droops.
    Enter corkage fee.

  10. Virginia says

    Red or white? you ask
    Cab sauv? Pinot gris? Malbec?
    Yes, please! Yes, yes, please!

  11. The Wine Wench says

    while I long to see
    sustainable cork forests
    some say “screw it all”

  12. The Wine Wench says

    special occasion
    Murphy waves his stinking wand
    this wine is corked

  13. The Wine Wench says

    winsome fluted glass
    beckons with sloping shoulders
    succumb to Riesling

  14. The Wine Wench says

    sunshine warms my glass
    yet clouds mar the horizon
    dishwasher etching

  15. The Wine Wench says

    still corked bottles fall
    musically smashing toes
    cellar design flaw

  16. The Wine Wench says

    approach life like corks
    risky eye popping blow out or
    hint of nun flatus

  17. Erin says

    Tangy lime and salt
    Shots, rocks, blended, or straight up?
    Pregnant…pass the chips!

  18. Jeannie says

    utter decadence
    crab, oysters, benedicts, brunch
    the champagne corks pop

  19. Maria says


    Shakespeare said a rose
    by another name is still
    sweet. Let’s drink pink wine.

  20. Maria says

    Are you, too, annoyed
    by Brooklyn? Portland trumps all
    with pinot and pig.

  21. Maria says

    Padron peppers stuffed
    with chevre, sizzle in the pan.
    You can’t eat just one.

  22. Justjane says

    Airline food is bad
    But you know what I’ve noticed?
    Airport food is worse.

  23. Justjane says

    No breakfast is worth
    Standing in line to eat it
    Not even Screen Door’s

  24. Tiffy Squid says

    Snow peas loose their leaves
    to pluck and make so tender
    in my mother’s wok.

  25. Tiffy Squid says

    Long before the carts
    and kimchee-fennel cocktails,
    Portland fed us well.

  26. Giraffington McGoo says

    Trout caught fresh from stream,
    dirt clinging to chantrelle feet,
    we stoke the campfire.

  27. Giraffington McGoo says

    I grew it myself:
    Every veined leaf of sorrel
    A tribute to home.

  28. Giraffington McGoo says

    My dad made ice cream
    in a freezing salt bucket;
    Sister milked the goats.

  29. Tiffy Squid says

    We don’t tweet this link
    or share it on the Facebooks;
    we all want to win.