Food Haiku 2011 Winners!

Here are the results from the food haiku contest. We had so many good entries this year, the ten judges had a difficult time narrowing them down. As it was, we had a 3-way tie for second place, which I had to break. Thank you for all the submissions! The first prize winner will receive two tickets to Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation at Luxe Autohaus on May 2nd. “Taste of the Nation Portland will raise critical funds needed to support Share Our Strength’s efforts to end childhood hunger in Oregon and across the nation.”

First Prize by: Kassie Halpin Robinson

Fresh, raw, exquisite:
Salmon’s salt, tang, rests on pearls
Wasabi bursts through

Second by: What’s for supper?

The comfort of food
Shared with family and friends
Saved me this hard year.

Third by: AmandaAngelaMarjorie

sips bubbly and cooks
sizzling greens in garlic cloves
low spring moon hangs full

Kassie, please contact me right away to arrange for your tickets!

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. says

    Hahahaha…those are funny!! Oh, wait…they’re not. Sorry. Very touching haiku year here at PFD, FD. I’d be hungry and eat but I’m getting all misty……

    the sweet thoughts put forth
    have rendered me not hungry

  2. bob says

    Ya, not nearly as “interesting” as in past years…warm and fuzzy, but not much in the way of smiles… )-:]~ ~[:-(

    • sidemeat says

      Yeah, I would add something here, but, you know,
      I’ve got nothing. Can of soup, couple of ‘married’ bottles of
      catering wine. Twenty seven of last nights unforgivable passed appetizers and a zune soundtrack some homeless person gave in exchange for old salmon from the buffet for parasitic sufferers.
      Did i say Married Wine? oh heck, that’s not only legal in the state of sidemeat, it encouraged…

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