How to Make Sangria


Long before I moved to Portland, I was known for my sangria recipe. I had long suspected that I was invited to many parties just because they knew I would bring a batch of it. One year my friend Patrick invited me to his birthday party in Healdsburg, California. It was going to be outdoors, looked like it was going … [Read more...]

Of an Untimely Death, and a Ham Sandwich


It's hot, lots of people are grumpy, and I thought I'd re-post this old story from 2005, four years from the original publish date . It's all true, and might just make you smile and forget the heat for a moment. It was a perfect ham sandwich that brought me to the brink of an untimely death. Somehow, that all seems … [Read more...]

The Best Laid Plans – Redux


Back in 2004, I wrote considerably more creative pieces than I do now. Since I have family in town this week, I’m way behind, so I thought I’d bring back a favorite. It is interesting seeing how much my life has changed since those days. If you’ve read this before, my apologies. The story is absolutely true. The … [Read more...]

Winner of the Food Memory Contest


The winner of our contest is Granny Moon: Breakfast when I was a kid was a weekend event - cold cereal before school didn’t count. And every weekend it was pretty much the same thing. Daddy would get out his cast iron skillet, place it on the gas stove and start frying. Always eggs. Sometimes bacon, occasionally ham - … [Read more...]

Smoke Follows Beauty

David Jenkins

[Editors note: This piece was sent to me as part of the contest we have going on, but didn't quite fit the size constraints. ] My father would have made a better Old Testament prophet than a barber. He often wandered the mountains of eastern Oregon with a gnarled walking stick, erecting crosses and altars to mark … [Read more...]

Food and Memory – Food Memory Contest!

Bacon Pie

A few weeks ago I was sitting with a friend, listening to yet another memory of Quality Pie. So many people have a story about that place. The first time I came to Portland, I didn't really know anything about the city. I was on a road trip by myself, trying to get a break from a very hard time in my life. I pulled … [Read more...]

Review: Miss Delta


If you'd like to skip past memories of my childhood, just scroll down - the review is clearly marked. I've written before about the time I spent growing up in  Maypearl Texas, but I never mentioned the boiled chicken death march, and my plot to get even. In the 50's, dinner in the south was a family, sit-down … [Read more...]