French Café Charges Rude Customers Extra

NewspaperThe owner of Le Petite Syrah cafe in Nice was fed up with the rudeness of customers. In an effort to change the behavior, he posted the following sign –

“Un Café  7€” (about $9.50 US)

“Un Café, s’il vous plait” – 4.25€

“Bonjour, un café, s’il vous plait” – 1.40€

From NBC News: The sign, inspired by those he saw in Italy and France, started as a joke — he’s never charged more than 1.4 euros for a coffee. “I don’t even think it’s legal,” said Pepino. But it has made his customers act differently.

“They started at the beginning to say, ‘Hello, your highness, will you serve me one of your beautiful coffees,” he said, “exaggerating it even more polite than the sign to try and get free coffee.”

Mostly though, it has amused customers and helped them relax.

Here’s a photo of the sign.

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