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  1. Prone to Hyperbole says

    OH MAN!!!! I think I just ….. uh…… wow. That looks SO AMAZING! Thanks Ken!


  2. RosePetalTea says

    I love the Granville Market. It has such a unique character. You really captured it. Have to get to Vancouver soon.

  3. Goddess of Useless Trivia says

    I’ve been to different public markets in the states and in Canada, and the Granville Market is definitely the best. The selection of items is unbelievable. I always make it a point to stop there when I’m in Vancouver.

  4. Tom says

    It’s not called Granville Market, it is called Granville Island Public Market or just Granville Island Market (for short)… just FYI… I am from Vancouver and this is a common mistake. There is a Granville Street as well and it is confusing if you do not use the correct name for the market.