Happy Birthday Bundt Cake!

Bundt CakeDid you know that today is the 60th anniversary of the Bundt cake pan? Ah, where would we be without this classic cake, popular at just about every bake sale, church coffee social and old fashioned pot luck I’ve ever had the pleasure to attend. I’m especially fond of my Aunt’s excellent, and quite popular in the 1970’s, Harvey Wallbanger bundt cake.

The bundt cake is such a regular part of American baking culture that it is hard to believe it was actually a group of immigrant Hadassah Jewish women in Minnesota who approached the Nordicware factory back in 1950 to make a copy of their favorite cake pan from the old country. Nordicware agreed, and the rest is American baking history.

To celebrate the birthday of this legendary cookware, just go out and purchase yourself a package of cake mix and get to baking. Or you can head on down to Grand Central Bakery. Rumor has it they might be selling bundt cake for a dollar a piece today to celebrate.

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    Good to know! I couldn’t make it today and I was stuck in a rural location at a conference with no internet access which means I couldn’t verify the Grand Central thing, but I’m glad to know hordes of people weren’t showing up angry that there was indeed no $1 bundt cake!

    Let them eat bundt cake!

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