House Spirits Distillery Brunch

I rarely mention press releases on the main site, but this one caught my eyes for several reason. First, it’s a BREAKFAST with paired cocktails. Second, the menu sounds great:

Brunch & Cocktail Menu for both days

Roquefort toast with soft-boiled egg

Cocktail by Neil K.: The May Pole (w/ 100% Malted Barley White Dog)

crespiau: a cake of paper-thin omelettes layered with herbed black olive tapenade and fennel tomato sauce

Cocktail by Bradley D.: Portland 75 (w/ Malted Barley/Rye White Dog)

tuna with chartreuse lettuce sauce and potato salad

Cocktail: Corpse Reviver #9 (w/ Krogstad Aquavit)

marmalade and orange flower water shortbread tart

Cocktail: Surprise Surprise!

Finally, there is the flier, which is (in my opinion) so well done I appreciate it every week.

click to see it in full glory

Disclaimer: I have no relationship with House Spirits and have never been to any of their events, nor bought any of their spirits. I don’t know anyone personally who works there. I just like the advert.

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