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  1. Pearl District says

    I walked by today and it was open. There’s a sign advertising a two-for-one buffet. What’s next, Hawaiian Night?

  2. CZ says

    I think you guys are all talking out of asumption. I believe if you guys are going to sit around and make up stuff to get the hype going why not just take the time to go in and figure out exactly what is going on and not of just what you believe is going on. We have had great expierences at the establishment and hope all good things to come for Ibiza

  3. pdx_yogi says

    Oookay, CZ, seeing as you are hell-bent on not accepting news of their demise, here are some facts:
    I walked by there today and saw a plethora of posted notices, liens, warnings, and legalese. What it all boils down to is that their restaurant license has lapsed, the company that leased them their equipment is filing collection notices and legal papers to recover their property, the landlord has liens for months of unpaid rent and is seizing their property as collateral.
    Any questions?

    • says

      Two, actually.

      Why is the flat-panel video display in the window still running? And who’s paying for the electricity to keep it going?

      (I have not gone across the street from the bus stop to eyeball the legal notices up close, but I can certainly see that the postings you mention are there. But I find it bizarre that even though the place is closed up tight, not selling meals, and in serious denial about its cash flow, no one from either the creditors’/landlord’s side or the operators’ side has gone in and turned off that display.)

      • pdx_yogi says

        As with many spaces for rent, if the renter defaults on the utilities the account will revert to the owner so basic things stay running i.e. lights. My guess is that Ibiza’s owners had more pressing things on their minds rather than turning off the lights and TV.

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