This is a list of all of the interviews we have done on the site over the years

Baking Bread Goodness: An Interview with Ken Forkish

Ken Forkish

Of all the bakers who run successful bakeries here in the Rose City, one of the most well known and highly regarded has to be Ken’s Artisan Bakery. Owner Ken Forkish has a well known story of leaving the high tech workforce to pursue his dream of running a bakery. The success of Ken’s Artisan […]

Chefs Kim and Thomas Boyce Arrive On Portland’s Baking Scene

Kim Boyce. photo: Cheryl Sternman Rule

Pastry chef Kim Boyce previously of Campanile and husband Thomas, former chef de cuisine at Spago in Los Angeles, have landed in Portland She is the author of the highly rated “Good to the Grain: Baking with Whole-Grain Flours” released in 2010. She worked for years with Nancy Silverton, founder of Campanile and La Brea […]

Gold and Chocolate Hart – Alma Chocolate


Gold and Chocolate Hart, by Elizabeth Lopeman Sarah Hart makes religious icons you can sink your teeth into. “My dad was a Presbyterian minister and he was a civil rights activist and really conscious of the unrest over Vietnam, so social justice was in my DNA,” explains Sarah Hart, the Alma Chocolate visionary. Even so, […]

History, Trade, Commerce, Warfare: “In the Center” with Dave Machado

David Machado Portland

Nel Centro, Dave Machado’s latest venture, is a hard-hat-only area in late March. Standing amid buckets of grout and workers using acetylene torches, Machado explains how he came to open his third Portland restaurant in the eight-thousand-square-foot space on the ground floor of the Hotel Modera. “You remember what this place was, that skuzzy Days […]

Interview – Billy Wilson: Barista Coffee

Billy Wilson - Barista Coffee

Sure, you thought that you’ve been in Portland’s hippest coffee shops, sipped on single-origin French press while enjoying the pour over bar, sleek furnishings and espresso equipment that likely is worth more than your car. But now that’s water under the bridge. Add all of that to a high definition surround sound system (need to […]

Interview – Erica Landon, Sommellier Ten 01

Erica Landon Portland

Not only is Erica Landon, Ten 01’s award winning sommelier, extremely well educated about the wines she recommends, but she continues to make the restaurant’s wine program one of the best in the state. She’s also quite nice. In a male dominated field with a reputation for snobbery, Landon gracefully keeps her own council. “When I went to take my quarter master sommelier exam I was one of two women in the room out of forty people,” she says. Landon says she was intimidated “sometimes,” but goes on to explain, “I have an idea about how I feel about wine and I want to make it as accessible and as friendly…

Interview – Jack Yoss and Adam Berger of Ten 01

Chef Jack Yoss

A Conversation with Ten 01’s Chef Jack Yoss and Owner Adam Berger

Timing-like many things in life-is everything. The timing of this interview happened less than a day after Portland Food and Drink named Ten 01, Restaurant of the Year. The two important forces of Ten 01, Jack Yoss and Adam Berger, were pleased with the announcement and graciously spent some time talking about how they’ve

Interview – Steve Jones of Cheese bar


Note: Steve’s Cheese moved, expanded and now serves sandwiches and small plates. The name has changed to Cheese Bar. The new address and other information is below. A couple of weeks ago, Steve Jones celebrated the one year anniversary of Steve’s Cheese, his cheese and cured meats shop located in Northwest Portland. The anniversary was […]

Interview: Adam Sappington

Chef Adam Sappington, fresh off of a 11-year culinary tour of duty at Wildwood Restaurant and Bar, is back in the food saddle again as he opens The Country Cat Dinner House and Bar at 7937 Southeast Stark – on the corner of Southeast Stark Street and Southeast 80th – in the east of Mount […]

Interview: Chef Jason French of Ned Ludd

Ned Ludd Portland - Ling Cod

This is the third in a series of interviews which first appeared in About Face Magazine by Chris Angelus of the terrific Portland Food Adventures. My thanks to About Face If Portland were to elect a culinary ambassador, Jason Francis French would be high in the running. He wouldn’t necessarily be appointed for his own exceptional cooking skills, […]

Interview: Chef Ken Gordon

Ken Gordon of Kenny and Zuke's Deli

Perhaps Ken Gordon’s t-shirt said it best: “By Reading This You Have Given Me Brief Control of Your Mind.” Ken is half of Kenny & Zukes — one of Portland’s most beloved Jewish delis, and he hasn’t gotten to the point of moving 800 pounds of pastrami in a weekend by letting his kitchens get out of line.

“I mean really, in the food business, the restaurant business, it’s all about control,” Ken says during our recent interview.

Interview: Erin-Marie Palmer of Shaker and Vine

Vino Wine Shop Portland

Erin-Marie Palmer is the owner of The Wine Cellar in Beaverton as well as the more recently opened Shaker and Vine at 2929 SE Powell in Portland. Palmer is best described as a feisty, well-spoken local wine expert who has no qualms about expressing her preferences for what makes a great glass of vino. Shaker […]

Interview: Gabriel Rucker – Portland’s Giant in His Prime

Gabriel Rucker

Over the next few months, I’ll be running a series of articles which first appeared in About Face Magazine by Chris Angelus of Portland Food Adventures. Here is the first one – an interview with James Beard “Best Chef Northwest” award winner 2013, Gabriel Rucker. “The counter at Le Pigeon — just go with what […]

Interview: John Gorham – Firing on All Cylinders

John Gorham

This is the second in a series of interviews which first appeared in About Face Magazine by Chris Angelus of the terrific Portland Food Adventures. Maybe it’s an ego thing, but I take this whole Portland thing seriously. So, as it so often does, when the query comes from people who have a couple of days to grab […]

Interview: Justin Wills – Beckoning Educated Palates


This is the third in a series of interviews which first appeared in About Face Magazine by Chris Angelus of the terrific Portland Food Adventures. My thanks to About Face If someone were to tell you there’s a James Beard nominated chef plating some of the most imaginative and beautiful dishes in Oregon, any good food-lover in Portland […]

Interview: Kevin Ludwig of Upcoming Beaker & Flask

Kevin Ludwig Portland

By Catherine Cole

It doesn’t take long to realize the successful chefs and bartenders in this town are a part of a small, tight family. And Kevin Ludwig is definitely an important member. The Portland transplant has been here since 1993 and has strained martinis all over Puddletown’s finest dining rooms (Wildwood, Park Kitchen, Paley’s Place, Clyde Common). Now he’s about to make his dreams come true by opening the doors

Interview: Kevin, Brian & Walt of Pine State Biscuits

Reggie Deluxe

Kevin, Brian and Walt are anxiously awaiting the opening of their third Pine State outlet on NE Alberta and judging by the near constant around-the-block lines at the Farmers’ Market and Belmont shop, the new location will further fuel their cult following. And while the space is double that of their Belmont location, don’t expect […]

Interview: Rick Gencarelli of Lardo

Lardo Restaurant Portland

An award-winning cookbook author and chef’s perspective from the confines of a Portland food cart. This is the third in a series of interviews which first appeared in About Face Magazine by Chris Angelus of the terrific Portland Food Adventures. My thanks to About Face. Since this interview was written, Rick has gone on to open the very […]

Interview: Scott Dolich – Park Kitchen


This is another in a series of interviews which first appeared in About Face Magazine by Chris Angelus of Portland Food Adventures. My thanks to Chris and About Face.  Chef/owner of Bent Brick & Park Kitchen – Humbly at the Center of it All I met with Scott Dolich for this interview on the patio of the […]

Interview: Steven Smith Teamaker

Smith Teamaker - Set up for tasting

“Portland is a beverage town,” Steve Smith says simply.  And his beverage of choice is — and always has been– tea. Back in the early 1970s, Smith started Stash Tea, which sold teas and herbal infusions to natural food stores. The company grew to the point where  it was sold to a Japanese tea company […]

John Gorham – Brave Bull. An Interview

John Gorham Portland Toro Bravo

“My grandfather was a big foodie. He owned a crab shack in Baltimore and I would go stay for like a month of my summers with him. He was a bachelor who always had a new girlfriend so he was always wining and dining,” reminisces Toro Bravo’s John Gorham. Though he fondly remembers summers in Baltimore, Gorham says his near obsession with food started way before that. “I remember even before kindergarten saying I wanted to be a chef. I remember playing restaurant, and I would cook all my friends food. I knew I

Monday Interview: Alyssa Gregg

By Catherine Cole Alyssa Gregg is one of our town’s charming and reserved chefs. She has been quietly creating culinary magic at Castagna, and now is the head chef at The Teardrop Lounge in the Pearl. She’s also spent time in commercial kitchens throughout San Diego and San Francisco. Alyssa graciously allowed us to pick […]

Monday Interview: Anya Von Bremzen – The New Spanish Table


“I love this book,” said Anya Von Bremzen, James Beard award-winning author and contributor to Travel & Leisure, Food & Wine and other publications, on her swing through Portland as part of a 25-city tour for her latest work, The New Spanish Table. “This is my fifth book, and it’s got everything that I want […]

Monday Interview: Dave Machado


So, a guy walks into a bar, and _________. While you can fill in the blank with any number of amnesiacs asking, “Do I come here often?” and baby seals ordering “anything but a Canadian Club,” perhaps only once has the punch-line been, “walks out with the bartender’s job.” Dave Machado gets to tell the […]

Monday Interview: David Machado, Part II


[This is part two of an interview with David Machado of Vindalho and Lauro restaurants. You can find part one by clicking here.] So, a guy walks into a bar, and _________. While you can fill in the blank with any number of amnesiacs asking, “Do I come here often?” and baby seals ordering “anything […]

Monday Interview: Heidi Yorkshire


For more than twenty years, Heidi Yorkshire has written about food, as the author of several books; a travel writer for Bon Appetit and other publications; a longtime wine columnist for the Oregonian, and, most recently, as Willamette Week’s lead food critic. Tart and opinionated, with an unmistakable voice, Yorkshire is known to straight shoot […]

Monday Interview: Jehnee Rains of Suzette Creperie

Jehnee Raines

Some things are worth repeating. Next from the archives, a few interviews by author Nancy Rommelmann Before Jehnee Rains became a pastry chef, she was a painter, and to hear the thirtysomething Portland native tell it, the enthusiasms are the same: a fascination with color, with texture; a curiosity as to how elements might work together, […]

Monday Interview: Molly O’Neill


Last Friday morning, I received a call from an acquaintance, saying, “Molly O’Neill is in town; do you think you have time to interview her?” I said, I’ll make time, and in fact, will crawl with O’Neill’s New York Cookbook in my teeth for a chance to meet her. “Oh, we need to go to […]

Monday Interview: Morgan Brownlow

Chef Morgon Brownlow

Since returning to Portland in 2002, Morgan Brownlow has seen his star rise higher, faster, than any local chef in recent memory. After two years with Ripe and Family Supper, he became partner and founding chef at Clarklewis, which won the Oregonian’s Restaurant of the Year for 2004, barely three months after it opened. More, […]

Monday Interview: Troy MacClarty

Troy Maclarty

After training at the Culinary Institute of America, and spending four years at Chez Panisse, Troy MacLarty landed in Portland, as chef of Family Supper, a job he left in late 2005. After stints at Simpatica and Saucebox, in November 2006, he took over as chef at Lovely Hula Hands, when it debuted at its […]

Monday Interviews: Adrienne Inskeep of Siam Society


With her pixyish hair and lithe physique, Adrienne Inskeep may look like Peter Pan, but the chef of Siam Society, the restaurant she owns with her husband, Paul Van Slyke, is absolutely grounded; by her own admission, perhaps too. “I am definitely a taskmaster, and almost to a fault,” says the 26-year-old, who since opening […]

Monday Interviews: Chef Marco Shaw of Fife


[Note from FoodDude: Marco Fife sold his restaurant in 2009 and moved out of Portland. However, this interview is still a fascinating read] The gleaming copper structure on NE Fremont could easily be mistaken for a luxury goods shop, until one walks inside, and senses one’s stepped into a dinner party, one hosted five nights […]

Monday Interviews: Elizabeth Montes of Sahagún Chocolates


“This is for you,” says Elizabeth Montes, sliding across the café table a small packet containing five Sahagún chocolates, curlicue palets sifted with silver and buttery salty caramels crowned with hazelnuts, chocolates exuding both probity and whimsy and so individually stunning they have the quality of jewelry. Over an Americano, Montes (who, with her enormous […]

Monday Interviews: Pascal Sauton of Milwaukie Kitchen and Wine

Pascal Sauton

Pascal Sauton, chef and owner of Carafe, laughs easily, charms effortlessly, and exudes the sort of corporeal bonhomie one associates with the proprietor of a French bistro. Born and trained in France, with cooking sojourns in New York to South America, Sauton deliberately set down stakes in Portland, because, he says, “Oregon is a candy […]

Monday Interviews: Philippe Boulot of The Heathman


There are chefs who present their craft as precious and arcane as a Faberge egg. There are steady-eyed technicians who get the job done, hold the romance. And there’s an amalgam of the two, the gourmand who craves wild striped bass but whose inner pragmatist knows he must serve rockfish, the culinary general who steadily […]

Monday Interviews: Scott Dolich of Park Kitchen

Scott Dolich of Park Kitchen

Reposted from 2006, an interview with Scott Dolich of Park Kitchen and the Bent Brick, by Nancy Rommelmann. Scott Dolich, owner/chef of Park Kitchen, sits in his private office, i.e., a park bench across from the restaurant, within feet of two middle-aged dudes playing a loose game of pick-up basketball. It’s warm and windy, Portland’s first true […]