James Beard Foundation Dinner

The James Beard Foundation Dinner on Sunday at the Multnomah Club was one of the most sought-after events in some time. We took some pictures so you can see what it was like. Please excuse the cell-phone quality – we were busy eating.

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. casey says

    I think the photo you have labled as the smoked salmon was actually the twice cooked sunchoke with yogurt and pine.

  2. JandJ says

    We had a lot of fun at this event. Really, all of the dishes were great, particularly considering the difficulty of serving this many people in that short a time. Came early thinking we’d be ahead of the crowds — big mistake. Place was packed by 4pm and it was much easier to get around by 5 or 5:30. Was a great way of highlighting the amazing talent we have right here in Portland.

  3. adam says

    We had a great time as well. Andy Ricker’s pork dish, Jenn Louis’ pasta, and the chickpea fries from Park Kitchen were all fantastic!

  4. John Osburn says

    Agreed, there were lots of great bites there. And the unagi pot au feu and the sunchoke with yogurt and pine were…just ridiculous.

  5. pearl district says

    This really turned out to be a nice event despite some of the buzz in the chef community leading up to it. Everyone involved should be very proud–from the chefs to the sponsors. Portland showed really well, and the MAC Club was a much nicer venue that everyone expected.

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