Micah Camden to Expand Blue Star Donuts, Little Big Burger

Blue Star blueberry-bourbon-basil donutAccording to Urban Works, the popular Blue Star Donuts has leased 1,437 square feet at 3549 SE Hawthorne Blvd, which would put it where Fujin restaurant used to be. The popular chain has quickly established a following for its location at 1236 SW Washington St in downtown Portland. From my 2013 review, “They are of the yeast variety, but don’t immediately jump to “oh, these are like Krispy Kreme”, the vapid blonds of the doughnut world. No, these are a classic brioche, and have a bit more weight and texture to them, giving with a slight crunch. Flour is organic Shepard’s Grain, cage free eggs, all organic, etc.” My favorite of their selections has been the blueberry, bourbon and basil. “I’ve had a lot of bad blueberry toppings in the past, and didn’t expect much from this, but the strength of the blueberry flavor was quite a surprise. Even better, we could pick out all of the other components; a match made in heaven”.

Continuing their march to world domination, Little Big Burger has leased 1,946 square feet at 2030 SW Hawthorne in Portland. I believe that would put it in the new apartment building at SE 20th.  I think this will be there 7th location. I have to say, I’ve had my complaints about LBB in the past, but had a meal at the SW Waterfront store a few weeks ago, and didn’t have a single complaint – not even about the volume of the music!


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  1. Murray says

    The LBB on 20th is already open, I believe, and you’re correct – it’s in the new-ish apartment building across the street from the movie theater.

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