New Seasons Market to Open St. Johns Store

New Seasons Market is opening a new branch in St. Johns. From the press release:

Locally owned  and  operated  New  Seasons  Market  announced  today  that  it  plans  to open  a  25,000-­‐square-­‐foot  grocery  store  at  the  southeast  corner  of  N.  Lombard  Street  and  N.  Westanna  Avenue  in  spring  2016.  The  new  store  will  serve  the  neighborhoods  of  St.  Johns, University  Park,  Portsmouth, Cathedral  Park and  New  Columbia.
The  new  North  Portland  New  Seasons Market will  create  150  jobs,  with  the  goal  of  hiring  as  many  staff  as  possible  from  the  immediate  community.
“Year  after  year, this  has  been one  of  our most  requested  potential  neighborhoods.  It  took  us  a  little  while  to  find  the  right  location,  and  it’s  exciting  to  say  that  now  we  have,”  said  Wendy  Collie,  president  and  CEO  of  New  Seasons  Market.  “We  have  long-standing  partnerships  with  nonprofits  and  neighborhood  advocates  in  this  part  of  North  Portland,  and  we  know  that  the  communities  who  make  their  home  on  the  peninsula  are  truly  unique  and  share  our  value  of  building  community,  celebrating great  local  food  and  taking  care  of one  another.  We  are  looking  forward  to  deepening  our  relationships  and  serving  our  new  neighbors.”
New  Seasons  Market  has  worked  for  years  with Village  Gardens’  Food  Works and  community  gardens  programs,  as  well  as  with  the  St.  Johns  Farmers  Market,  helping  the  nonprofits  increase  access  to  locally produced  and  nutritious  food.  New  Seasons  Market  also  sponsors  the  Sauvie  Island  Center summer  camp  series,  which  helps  area children  learn  how  to  cook  what  they  grow.
“Celebrating  community  is  in  our  DNA.  One  of  the  things  I  am  most  excited  about  is  the  opportunity  for  New  Seasons  Market  to  become  part  of  the  fabric  of  the  neighborhood,”  said  Collie.  “The  store  will  not  only  be  a  place  for  great  food;  we  hope  it  will  also  become  a  place  where  neighbors  catch  up  over  a  cup of  coffee,  laugh  together  during  book  club  or  work  together  in  a  neighborhood  meeting.”
Shoppers  at  the  new  store  will  be  able  to  count  on  knowledgeable  and  friendly  staff;  a  mix  of organic and  conventional  foods;  and  regionally  sourced  meats,  seafood  and  produce.  The  store  will  also  offer  a  full-service  deli,  plus  hundreds  of  bulk  items
and  a  wellness  department  staffed  by  experts  on  health  and  body  care.
Additional  elements,  unique  to  the  needs  of  the  community,  will  be  identified  as  the  store  is  developed.
The  store  has  been  designed  with  several  sustainable  features  such  as  a  continuous  green  canopy  running  along  N.
Lombard  Street  and  a  green  roof  over  the  outside  deli  seating  area.  New  Seasons  Market  will  lease  the  site  from  Northwest
-based  Deacon  Development  Group.  Groundbreaking  is  expected  to  take  place  in  spring  2015,  with  an  anticipated  store  opening  the  following  year.

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