Park Kitchen Tweaks The Formula

Quite a few changes are afoot for our 2006 Restaurant of the Year, Park Kitchen. They do a good job of flying under the radar, but every so often we get quite a few updates at once.

I’ve enjoyed occasional lunches at PK, and was just thinking I should drop by. Unfortunately, they will discontinue lunch on Friday, December 24th.

The past few years have been tough on lunch at Park Kitchen.  The vast majority of our lunch regulars are business people from downtown.  These people have been hit hard by cutbacks and layoffs.  We saw the effects of it.  We responded by offering lunches for $10 (Yes, including iced tea).  We continued to offer what we thought to be the best lunch in town: fantastic produce, and unusual and elegant salads, certainly the best hot dog in Portland.  However, while we watched our dinners and Private dining rebound from the economic downturn, lunches were flat.

Here again we decided that we needed to listen to our business and focus our energies on what was working well.    Our last lunch will be Friday, December 24th.  To our regular lunch customers, (we know who you are) we give our very heartfelt appreciation.  We hope you understand that this was a difficult decision for us to make.  We really had fun serving lunch.  For those of you who are really jonesing, we may keep some house made hot dogs around for happy hour when you get off work.  Ask nicely.

On the bright side, they will be opening Sunday nights starting January 9th,  with a theme – Pork and Pinot Sundays! Square Peg Farm will be providing the meat, and the ordering will be simple:

We supply a generous green salad, a pig-a-licious entree, and a glass of terrific Oregon Pinot Noir to quaff.  You supply $30 plus tip.   Shaazam!  You’re ready for Monday morning.

Sounds like something I can get in to – what’s not to like? Price is right too.

Few other things – Christmas dinner this year. I’d go myself, but don’t have anyone in town to go with (sob). More information on all of this stuff over on the press site.

I’ve been worried about Park Kitchen. I’ve felt like things have slipped a bit, prices have crept too high, and they just generally needed a refresh. I’m glad they are thinking of new and creative ways to get people in the door.

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. JDG says

    I hope they’re reading this thread, because I implore them to consider bringing back their brunch, which was one of the best in town and has been sorely missed by us (we were there at least once a month).  Hopefully being open on Sunday for dinner and shifting resources away from lunch will make this economically feasible.

  2. hoonan says

    I think it’s great to see restaurants try new and creative ideas, but, why not lower some of your prices?  Park Kitchen’s wine markups are some of the highest in town…most of their wines are marked up over 3x wholesale.

  3. PDX2CDG says

    I quit going, reason being the food was not as good.
    I was devoted to PK from 2004-2007.  The last two-three years have been
    very disappointing. I hope things turn around.
    Brunch was the best, be nice to have that again.

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