Misc. News for 12.5.12

Castagna Summer squash dumpling of chicken and shrimp duck chipCould a review be forthcoming?

It's been a pretty slow period for restaurant news, but here are a few things that caught my eye: Michael Russell over at The Oregonian reports that Chef Jake Martin is returning to Portland from Seattle to take over as Chef de Cuisine at Genoa. He'll be working with Executive Chef David Anderson. You may remember … [Read more...]

Food News for 4.27.09

The Next Big Thing

Updated Monday Afternoon: According to this article in The Mercury, Paige Williams has been canned from Portland Monthly. I've been wondering what was going on over there. Since well regarded former food writer then managing editor Camas Davis left, the quality of the food writing has gone downhill. The most recent … [Read more...]

Portland Food News for November 13th, 2006

Oh Johnny, We're All Winners! A couple of small things, but not enough to write a new entry, so I'll add them here. Who do I think has the best burger in Portland? I probably shouldn't go out on a limb like this, based on one er... two burgers, but as far as I am concerned, Ten 01 has taken the … [Read more...]