Review: Genoa Restaurant

Genoa Dessert

[Now Closed] I’m going to assume that you know the history of Genoa, and its status as a Portland institution slowly sliding over the years as the restaurant began to be seen as a staid, old-fashioned relic of a time gone by. It closed in November 2008, changed owners, was completely remodeled, and reopened exactly … [Read more...]

Daniel Mondok To Join Genoa

Genoa has announced that Daniel Mondok will be joining Genoa as Sous Chef. Daniel was most recently the chef at June, before that, Sel Gris, which burned in 2009. June has been getting somewhat mixed, so it will be interesting to see what they are planning to do if Daniel is leaving. "I'm very excited to have … [Read more...]

What? More News!

It's true, as often happens, I get deluged with new tips every time I post a roundup. Here we go: YamYam's restaurant in N Portland was being used as a front to launder money from a Crips gang cocaine deals. As someone said on Twitter, no wonder there was a line to get in! Not a line I'd want to get into myself. … [Read more...]