Rumors Mongered Here – updated


Updated: Leaving the closing of Kingdom of Roosevelt in the rear view mirror, Eric Bechard has filed for a liquor license for "Albatross" in Astoria on the North Oregon coast. According to someone familiar with the matter, the tiny space at 225 14th Street between Commercial and Marine, will serve "farm-to-table … [Read more...]

Speaking of wild game…

Roosevelt Elk

Eric Bechard of Thistle fame wrote me an annoyed letter earlier this week because I had failed to mention his new restaurant, "The Kingdom of Roosevelt", which is slated to open the 2nd week of February. When I pointed out that he hadn't included me in the press release mailing, he apologized, and asked that I mention … [Read more...]

News From Around the Web – May 21st

The earthquake over the weekend in the Bologna area of Italy may have a long-term effect on Parmesan prices. According to The HuffingtonPost, 400,000 wheels of Parmesan and Grana Padano cheeses were damaged, most of them artisanal. In all, some 10 collective Parmesan aging warehouse and cheese production sites have … [Read more...]

Eric Bechard Sells Community Plate


Back in April, Eric Bechard of Thistle restaurant in McMinville, opened another local venture just around the corner from Thistle, called Community Plate, "a light breakfast/coffee/sandwich shop by day and an old school cookery by night". I went down there to do a review, and I liked the menu, but the service was so … [Read more...]

Eric Bechard To Open “Community Plate”


Eric Bechard of Thistle in McMinville, has announced he will be opening a new restaurant called Community Plate on Feb 1, 2011. According to Eric,  focusing on the same farm to table philosophies that has guided thistle, Community Plate will be a light breakfast/coffee/sandwich shop by day and an old school cookery … [Read more...]

Review: Thistle


I promised myself I wouldn’t allude in this review to Eric Bechard’s incident this spring involving a defiant defense of local animals, a stance provoked by a rival chef who, in his eyes, had heretically championed a Midwest over an Oregon pig. The great porcine passion probably put Bechard’s name on wider public … [Read more...]