Finishing up on News for August 2014


Oy. This bit of news makes me cringe: "It’s electricity à la mode. Diners are now offered a portable cell phone charger as part of the 15-course tasting menu served by Philadelphia restaurant Volvér, which is owned by chef Jose Garces. The charger is delivered on a small silver platter by wait staff between the … [Read more...]

Misc. News for 12.5.12

Castagna Summer squash dumpling of chicken and shrimp duck chipCould a review be forthcoming?

It's been a pretty slow period for restaurant news, but here are a few things that caught my eye: Michael Russell over at The Oregonian reports that Chef Jake Martin is returning to Portland from Seattle to take over as Chef de Cuisine at Genoa. He'll be working with Executive Chef David Anderson. You may remember … [Read more...]

Portland Food News Roundup for January 2010

I have a ton of stuff that I've Twittered/Facebooked about over the past month, but haven't felt well enough to sit down and write a post. There is so much news here you may need to take a nap to get through it. Let's see how far I can get. I promise to quit Twittering about this stuff, and actually start posting … [Read more...]