Review: Blue Star Donuts

Blue Star blueberry-bourbon-basil donut

When I was in college, I had a passion for bear claws. Working nights, I had an hour to kill before my next job, which happened to take me past Venice Beach and its line of donut shops. Over the course of a year, I tried every bear claw in the area, and got to know exactly what time they would be coming out of the … [Read more...]

A Huge Roundup of News You May Have Missed…

Lucky Peach Magazine

You may have missed the following stories, because I never had a chance to report them. According to Willamette Week, Roe, a "back room" of  Trent Pierce's Wafu, will be opening sooner than expected. In an article for Portland Monthly, Michael C. Zusman says "The game plan will include a chef’s counter, tasting … [Read more...]

Wild Rumor – Micah Camden to Expand Empire Again

Little Big Burger

Word on the street is that Micah Camden, who at one time owned at least a piece of respected restaurants Yakuza, Beast, D.O.C., Fats, and currently Little Big Burger, is planning a new Japanese spot called Boxer on SE Hawthorne and 20th. No more information than that. Did I ever mention I like Little Big Burger? … [Read more...]

Fats Shutters, To Be Replaced By Little Big Burger

Micah Camden has become known for his miniature empire in Portland, at one time owning at least a piece of respected restaurants Yakuza, Beast, D.O.C., Fats, and now Little Big Burger in the Pearl District. I've heard very mixed things about Fats over at NE 29th and Killingsworth, known for its British pub fare, … [Read more...]

Lots of Bits of news

Lots of quick little things that have filled my inbox over the past few months. You've probably heard much of this before, but for those who haven't... Gabriel Rucker, chef of Le Pigeon is opening a new restaurant downtown. The new venture called "Little Bird" (get it?), will focus on simple "bistro" meals. Erik Van … [Read more...]

Old News?


Dovetail Bakery has opened at NE 31st and Alberta. I'm told they used to be be in the wholesale baking business in St. Johns. According to my source, they have good items.   I twittered last month about Chef Paul Hyman of Nel Centro getting the boot. Reviews around town have been mixed at best. The … [Read more...]