News Roundup for September 4nd 2012

Probably the biggest news of last week was that chef David Padberg of Park Kitchen is leaving the restaurant for Raven & Rose, the gastropub opening in the Ladd Carriage House on Southwest Broadway. From, Other well-known Portland restaurant names -- including a GM and bar manager -- could be on the … [Read more...]

Old News?


Dovetail Bakery has opened at NE 31st and Alberta. I'm told they used to be be in the wholesale baking business in St. Johns. According to my source, they have good items.   I twittered last month about Chef Paul Hyman of Nel Centro getting the boot. Reviews around town have been mixed at best. The … [Read more...]

What? More News!

It's true, as often happens, I get deluged with new tips every time I post a roundup. Here we go: YamYam's restaurant in N Portland was being used as a front to launder money from a Crips gang cocaine deals. As someone said on Twitter, no wonder there was a line to get in! Not a line I'd want to get into myself. … [Read more...]

Food News for 9.16.09

From Leslie Cole's twitter @lesliecole1 via @grantbutler, Season 4 of Chefs A' Field (PBS) to feature Vitaly Paley of Paley's Place, Phillipe Boulot of The Heathman & Mac Club, and two Oregon farms. More info on the show here, and the OPB schedule here. (Those little "@" mean something to people on … [Read more...]

Portland Food News for August 18, 2009

Updated at the bottom: It's been quite a while since I have done a food news roundup. Lots of little things have happened, but nothing worth a full post. However, there is enough now to make it worthwhile. Tommy Habetz and Nick Wood are looking for locations for their next project, Bunk Bar. They want to do a … [Read more...]

Michael Hebberoy – Ultimate Showman

As promised, more Michael Hemorrhoid news. An article in the NY Times called "Rebel, Disgraced, Tries to Pull Off Rebound" finally hit the newsstands Wednesday. Though the piece barely skims the story, it is good reading. Some choice clips: “What’s most despicable is that Michael just left,” said Tommy Habetz, the … [Read more...]