Lots of Old News and a Rare Mushroom Find!

There is a new chef at the Brasserie Montmartre. Chef Johnny Nudd will lead the kitchen beginning July 24th. From the press release - “Talented yet humble, and with experience in San Francisco, New York, and Europe, Chef Johnny is the kind of chef I like to collaborate with,” says Chureau, former chef-owner of … [Read more...]

Brasserie Montmarte Sold


I received a tip on Monday that the Brasserie was making a chef change. Being a bit gun shy after my "closed" debacle back in early January, I haven't posted about it. This week however, a "Closed for Remodel" sign has appeared on the door. There seemed to be some sort of shakeup going on, and since I now have a … [Read more...]

Brasserie Montmartre Closed? Nope!


Updated: I got a tip earlier this week that the Brasserie over at 626 SW Park Avenue was closing, but at the time, everything seemed normal. However, a quick check tonight showed they have suddenly been taken off of Open Table, usually a sign that the restaurant has closed. In addition, a call to the restaurant results … [Read more...]

What? More News!

It's true, as often happens, I get deluged with new tips every time I post a roundup. Here we go: YamYam's restaurant in N Portland was being used as a front to launder money from a Crips gang cocaine deals. As someone said on Twitter, no wonder there was a line to get in! Not a line I'd want to get into myself. … [Read more...]

Light Showers in a Drought of News

Imbibe Magazine was recognized with an Eddie Award for Best Epicurean Magazine on September 23 at Folio Magazine's annual awards gala in New York City. Imbibe also received an Ozzie Award for Best Use of Photography in its July/August 2006 issue, and last May, the magazine received a 2007 Maggie Award for Best Special … [Read more...]

Diary Of A Foodie

When Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie was first announced, I checked the local OPB listings, and since they didn't show it, completely forgot about the series. Months later, my Tivo was smart enough to figure out I might enjoy the show, and started recording it for me. Warm temperatures are not a friend to most of us … [Read more...]