Chef Thomas Boyce Out of Bluehour

From Portland Monthly, Chef Thomas Boyce "Leaves" Bluehour. Actually, it sounds more like he was shown the door. As of Tuesday, Boyce was out and Dolan Lane, chef at Clarklewis on SE Water Avenue, was in. Bluehour’s Bruce Carey and Joe Rogers own both restaurants. Boyce says he was taken completely by … [Read more...]

Pet Peeves in Dining Service and Catching Up on News

Lots of things have been going on that I haven't had time to post about, so I'm just going to bring everyone up to date. The Pix on Hawthorne has closed. After many years on NW Glisan, The Brazen Bean has lost their lease, and will closing on April 5th. Another good date place that I will miss. The porch was … [Read more...]

clarklewis Stumbles Again

Somehow I missed hearing about this until someone sent me an email mentioning it. Clarklewis chefs Daniel Mattern and Roxana Jullapat have given notice. They lasted what... nine months? When I went to dinner at clarklewis a month ago, it seemed much the same as it did under Morgan; great appetizers/salads, lousy … [Read more...]

Tondero Travail, Pinocchio Spin, Balinese Blossoms

Tondero, Latin/Fusion restaurant set to open in the old Harrison Fox Tower building, has been having a few issues. Construction problems - both the space and the new parking garage across the street - have pushed back the opening date several times. Latest I've heard, is a test dinner early next week for Fox Tower … [Read more...]