Review: Genoa Restaurant

Genoa Dessert

[Now Closed] I’m going to assume that you know the history of Genoa, and its status as a Portland institution slowly sliding over the years as the restaurant began to be seen as a staid, old-fashioned relic of a time gone by. It closed in November 2008, changed owners, was completely remodeled, and reopened exactly … [Read more...]

Changes at Genoa and Tabla

Tabla Mediterranean Bistro Portland

The remaining front of the house manager of Genoa, who used to be the bar manager was laid off yesterday. From my experience, things have been very slow at the restaurant. A friend of mine was there a few weeks ago, and said she didn't think the Genoa kitchen was even open, but rather the food was being cooked on the … [Read more...]

Daniel Mondok To Join Genoa

Genoa has announced that Daniel Mondok will be joining Genoa as Sous Chef. Daniel was most recently the chef at June, before that, Sel Gris, which burned in 2009. June has been getting somewhat mixed, so it will be interesting to see what they are planning to do if Daniel is leaving. "I'm very excited to have … [Read more...]

Portland Restaurant Survey 2010 Results 23-25

You can see the results of the entire Best of Portland 2010, including the "Best Restaurant in Portland" here, But first... 2010: FOOD TREND IN DESPERATE NEED OF RETIREMENT Bacon - by overwhelming majority Pork Belly - wow, people are really over bacon Foams - a very distant 3rd My vote: I'm a bit tired … [Read more...]

Food News for 3.3.09

Urban Wine Works, R.I.P. Another victim of the economy, they will be closing the doors and liquidating everything: inventory, fixtures, equipment, and wine. The sale is March 13th - 15th, 12:00 - 6:00. A strictly unconfirmed rumor going around; Genoa has sold, and may reopen under new owners. No idea what the … [Read more...]