Reader Survey 2015: Best Hamburger in Portland

Tasty n Sons

Where can you get the best hamburger in Portland Oregon? This category received 1,378 votes. I'm always surprised when we have ties with this many votes cast, and it happened three times in this category. This is always a top vote-getter in our yearly poll, with such a wide variety of responses, even the winners have a … [Read more...]

Reader Survey 2012: Best Burger in Portland

Little Big Burger

Best Burger is always one of the more contentious awards. Almost everyone likes good hamburgers, but many people base their favorites on "what mom used to make". Some people like all the accompaniments, others the bare minimum. With that in mind, I've listed to top 15. The spread is pretty close, with the … [Read more...]

Survey 2011: Best Place for a Business Lunch


As we wind down to the readers choice for Top Restaurants, we have three more survey results to post. The first few choices didn't surprise me, but third choice made no sense to me, especially when compared to the others. I don't have anything against the restaurant, it's just that it has a totally different … [Read more...]