Reader Survey 2012: Best Brunch in Portland

Tasty n Sons Pork Cutlets

In 2010, I asked "Who has the best breakfast in Portland". The answers were 1. Screen Door, 2. Simpatica, 3. Mother's Bistro. I asked again in 2011, and this time the ranking was Tasty n Sons, Screen Door and Simpatica. With the arrival of Tasty n Sons at the top position, everything else just pushed down one slot. … [Read more...]

Survey 2011: Best Brunch in Portland

Tasty N Alder

  You knew it was coming - a landslide vote for "Best Brunch" that won't surprise anyone. However, since brunch is such a popular meal in this town, I thought I'd list all the top votes that were significantly above the others.   Out of 974 votes cast: Tasty N Sons -25% of the total votes. … [Read more...]

The Best of Portland 2011!


Updated 4.29. Note - so many links in this original posts are now broken, I have removed the majority of them from this page so as not to waste your time. Here are the results from the our 2011 reader surveys. We had well over 1100 participants this year! A big thank you to all of our sponsors and participants! A … [Read more...] Lists America’s Top Foodie Cities

From - America's Top Foodie Cities: Sperlings Best Places crunched numbers, using the following city data: ratio of local restaurants to chain restaurants, number of Whole Foods and cooking stores, number of wine shops, wine bars, craft breweries, and brew pubs; and the number of CSA (community supported … [Read more...]

Review: Mother’s Bistro


Mother’s – Subliminally Sublime? Sitting at Mother’s at 1:15pm on a Thursday afternoon looking at all the dust on the fixtures above me, it seems the place needs a good cleaning. Though the restaurant is only about 20% full, I am surrounded by empty tables full of dirty dishes that haven’t been cleared. Several … [Read more...]