Reader Survey 2013: Best New Restaurants in Portland

Levant Restaurant

As the economy recovers, it seems like we are getting a wealth of new restaurants in Portland. However, unlike last year, only five restaurants received significantly more votes than any others.  Will the top choices be successful? Sometimes folks in the hardcore food community go for the new, shiny ball, forgetting … [Read more...]

First Look at Ración

Racion Portland

Ración has been doing a series of press/test dinners, and we were happy to get an invite. The space is sexy, but not pretentious, anchored with a show kitchen surrounded by an 18-seat L-shaped chef's counter wrapped around the kitchen stage - at once both theatrical and intimate. It is fun sitting and watching the … [Read more...]

More Rumors Trickling Out About Corazon Replacement

I'm getting more rumors about the do-over for the old Pinot/Corazon space on SW 12th Ave. Per my previous post, the current plan is for Lardo to take over one section, and a new restaurant called Ración to take the other part. The split would give Lardo the smaller portion. Lardo, a "modern sandwich shop and beer … [Read more...]