Ristretto Roasters Opens 3rd Shop, Readies New Book


The newest branch of Ristretto Coffee Roasters has opened at 555 NE Couch St in Portland. The new store, designed by Accelerated Development's, Keith Shrader, gives a nod to the area's industrial past, with lots of heavy steel and clean wood finishes. It features a large bar and community table seating area, the … [Read more...]

Reader Survey 2013: Best Coffeehouse in Portland

Coffee from Roman Candle

Once again I asked the question, "what is the best coffeehouse in Portland?" As always, the results proved  interesting. In 2012, the ranking was: 1) Ristretto Roasters, 2) Barista Coffee, 3) Stumptown Coffee, 4) Heart, 5) Coava, 6) Coffeehouse NW, and 7) Extracto. For 2013, everything has changed. Out of 1704 … [Read more...]

Reader Survey 2012: Best Coffeehouse in Portland


I thought it would be interesting this year to break coffee into two categories - Best Coffeehouse and Best Roaster. Stumptown is known for roasting and I thought they would do pretty well in both categories, especially with 5 stores, but that isn't the case. Let's look at the results: 752 votes cast: 1. Ristretto … [Read more...]

Coffee Guide: Ristretto Roasters

Ristretto Roasters

Din Johnson is a risk taker. When Ristretto Roasters first opened in late 2005, in a tiny slice of a spot on very un-hip NE 42nd Ave near Fremont St, there were whispers of, “Who are these outsiders who aren’t from the Portland coffee scene? They’ll never make it in THAT location. They are insane to open a roastery in … [Read more...]