Portland Based Culinate.com Retooling

The popular Portland based Culinate.com newsletter is ceasing production. From the press blast:

There’s no easy way to say this: After seven years online, Culinate — at least the part of Culinate that publishes stories and recipes — is closing up shop, and today’s newsletter will be our last.

Although publishing the website has been a really fun and interesting part of what we do, it’s only part of our business. As many of you know, much of the content on Culinate has been funded by the partnerships we have with cookbook authors and publishers to create mobile apps from cookbooks. In that capacity, it’s been our privilege and pleasure to work with Mark Bittman and his publisher on the best-selling iOS app from his cookbook How to Cook Everything (as well as one from his How to Cook Everything Vegetarian and another from How to Cook Everything: The Basics). We’ve also created an app in collaboration with Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, the talented duo behind Hello, Cupcake! and other books.

Editorial Director Kim Carlson goes on to thank their contributors, and discusses their plans for the future, including a big focus on their excellent mobile apps. You can read their entire post here.

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