Cupcake Jones

Cupcake Jones

It's not like me to be so Johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to the new stuff in town. For example, I got to Clyde Common for the first time just last week (and really liked it, by the way. And the fact that we scored an extra dessert due to a mistake by the kitchen didn't make me cry, either.) But in an … [Read more...]

Review: Baker and Spice


<updated 5.12> Baker and Spice is nowhere near my house, yet I seem to have developed quite a knack for inventing errands that take me to or near its Hillsdale location. "Ummmm… I need to go to Fred Meyer. Yes, the six other Fred Meyer stores closer to home were plumb out of tulip bulbs, so I had to cruise out … [Read more...]

Cacao Chocolate Shop


By Cuisine Bonne Femme and Joanna Miller There are shops that sell chocolate and then there are Chocolate Shops. The latter, if they are first-rate, can inspire even the most hardened and cynical among us. Take this recent email for example: To: Cuisine Bonne Femme From: Food Dude Marked: URGENT!!!! Drop … [Read more...]

Donut Roundup


By Emily James When FD asked me to start writing for this site, I was extremely nervous. I’m not an expert in any manner of food preparation, serving, or procurement. I am, however, an expert in eating and I have my Lifetime Weight Watchers membership to prove it- from a brief moment, back in 1995 when I was 30 lbs … [Read more...]

Foster & Dobbs Authentic Foods

Foster & Dobbs

I've been passing the Foster & Dobbs store at NE 15th and Brazee (next to the new Mio Gelato) for the past few weeks, but it has always been at night when they were closed. Today I made a special trip to see what they were all about. This is a somewhat higher-end food store. By "somewhat", I mean they tend to … [Read more...]

Penzys Spices Comes to Portland

Penzy's Spices

Updated 12/11 - hours and general information, and a Pearl District and Beaverton  stores! I spent a happy hour this week checking out the new Penzeys Spices store in Clackamas. It actually isn’t too hard to find, just north of the mall on 82nd, between TJ Max and Winco at 11322 SE 82nd ave. Google Map. In the … [Read more...]