Reader Survey 2012: Best Wine List

Metrovino Portland

Metrovino Portland

Portland restaurant patrons don’t seem to pay a lot of attention to who has the best wine list. This category always gets a low number of votes – 372 this year, and will probably be dropped for 2013. One thing has changed since our 2011 roundup: Nostrana is nowhere to be found. Instead, Kir Wine Bar takes its place, moving up from 3rd place last year.

1. Metrovino – 11.3% of the vote. 1139 Northwest 11th Avenue  Portland, OR 97209  Map  (503) 517-7778

2. Kir Wine Bar – 9.1%  22 Northeast 7th Avenue Portland, OR 97232  Map (503) 232-3063

3. Andina – 4.8% 1314 Northwest Glisan Street  Portland, OR 97209  Map  (503) 228-9535. My review

4. Bar Avignon – 4.3%  2138 SE Division St., Portland OR 97201  Map  (503) 517-0808

5. Coppia– 3.8% 417 Northwest 10th Avenue  Portland, OR 97209  Map  (503) 295-9536

6. Woodsman Tavern – 4537 Southeast Division Street  Portland, OR 97206  Map  (971) 373-8264

7. The Heathman Hotel – 1001 Southwest Broadway at Salmon  Portland, OR 97205  Map  (503) 241-4100

8. Paley’s Place – 1204 Northwest 21st Ave. Portland, OR 97209  Map  (503) 243-2403. My review

9. Castagna – 1752 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland OR 97214  Map  (503) 231-9959

You can see all the Reader Survey 2012 winners here.

My top choice is Andina


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Your thoughts are welcome

  1. JD says

    Coppia has a lovely wine list. I suppose it all depends on what one means by ‘best’ in this case. What I like are wines that are fairly priced yet quite satisfying and tasty. Coppia seems to do a great job of ferreting out such wines, and offering them at reasonable prices. That’s not the same as blowing you away with rare and expensive offerings, but for every-day dining it may be more relevant. While they’ve moved away from the ‘wine bar’ image to more of a full restaurant experience, there are still suggested pairings. The menu, while limited, seems to offer something for everyone.

  2. Irene says

    Echo on the Andina nod with an added spotlight on the sommelier. I know that it is not strictly what this category was asking, but in addition to putting together a stellar list, Ken is a pro at helping customers navigate it; his recommendations are spot on every time.

  3. bmason says

    Food Dude – Please don’t cancel the best wine list category…

    having just moved here from San Francisco – I need good wine –
    and too many places serve swill or wine that has been open WAY too long :(

    If we start rewarding places that have a good wine list with biz then maybe other places will take notice?

    Thanks – your site and opinions are the BEST…!


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