Reader Survey 2013: Best Place to Buy Fish in Portland

Newman's Fish Market PortlandThis year only three fishmongers place in the 2013 “Best Place to Buy Fish in Portland” category. The winner jumped from 3rd place in the 2012 poll, and the other two switched places. New Seasons Markets may not have topped any category this year, but they have done incredibly well overall.

1. Flying Fish Company– 25%. 2310 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard  Portland, OR 97214  Map  (503) 260-6552

2. Newman’s Fish Market – 23% of the vote. 735 NW 21st Ave., Portland. 97209  Map  (503) 227-2700

3. New Seasons Market – 15%. Many locations – see website.



Your thoughts are welcome

  1. says

    Newman’s has a great assortment of fish. New Seasons’ fish never smell fishy. Not aware of Flying Fish so I will check them out. Thanks

  2. jimster says

    ABC Seafood at 65th and Powell is where it’s at. Fresh? Most everything there is alive and swimming around. Maine lobsters were ten bucks a pound last time I went. Big in the Asian community but everyone should avail themselves of this little place.

  3. newseasonsshopper says

    Wait… New Seasons? At least at the 33rd and Killingsworth store, you can usually smell the fish counter from the second you walk in the door. This is…. surprising.

  4. grapedog says

    New Seasons? Really? Their fish is typically not the freshest, but what’s worse is that their service and selection is pretty poor in my experience. I’ve had a number of special orders bungled by the over-confident folks at NS. Newman’s has always offered prep services and have delivered the most impressive fish as promised. They smoke their own fish and commonly suggest new fish creatures when possible. No comparison, really.

  5. Av says

    I agree that New Seasons is not a good place to buy fish. There’s no comparison with Flying Fish or Newman’s. I really like New Seasons but that’s one department in which I feel they fall very far short.

  6. says

    The only fish market I have ever trusted completely is Mutual Fish in Seattle. I haven’t found anything comparable in Portland (although I haven’t tried Flying Fish). In any case, in most seafood markets, the only guarantee of fresh seafood is a knowledgeable buyer. Use your eyes, nose, and touch. If you can smell it, RUN. And only buy whole fish. I’m surprised H Mart and Fubonn Market didn’t place. Not every selection is perfect, but there are always many good choices.

  7. Mr. Magmax says

    I fully agree with the Newman’s Market vote. I am, however surprised to not see Uwajimaya; the West sides go to market with a wall of live fish, shellfish, clams, oysters and heaps of friendly knowledge.