RingSide Steakhouse Reopens Burnside Location

News from RingSide Steakhouse today that the restaurant is reopening. You may remember it closed last year for a complete remodel and moved to the Fox Tower building. The new location quickly became very popular, as the quality of the food had greatly improved. The question is, will the changes they made at the original location, be enough to keep the restaurant at the Fox Tower quality?

2,500 square feet of space has been added to the kitchen, with a new area for dry-aging and cutting rooms being added. An underground 10,000 bottle wine cellar was also built – I wonder if they have filled it. I liked their old list, so am looking forward to the new one.

An additional dining room was added to accommodate more diners, though the owners pledge that “the charm and character that has become legendary among Portlanders remains post-remodel; the crooked fireplace still has the stein jutting out of it”. I’m glad to hear this, as I always liked the old space; it just needed a really good cleaning.

The Fox Tower space will be converted to the RingSide Fish House, with opening planned for this summer.

Of course I will be back, to make sure the Steakhouse Roundup is up-to-date.

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  1. MBM says

    After much anticipation, my wife and I headed over for the re-opening last night and it was great as always. The waiter said they completely tore the inside down to two 4 walls during the remodel. Amazingly, it appears as if they have completely reassembled the entire inside. The new dining room is beautiful and the kitchen was completely redone.

    This place is a Portland treasure and I’m really glad it is back.

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