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    • says

      Tough crowd you are getting lately, FD. Maybe oregoncoastgirl isn’t aware of the fine Internet traditions of The Onion. Please, nobody make her aware of The Onion issue that was published on Sept. 15th, 2001. It will permanently scar her beautiful mind.

    • Joisey says

      Wow, I am surprised you haven’t swallowed your own tongue. Humor must be a bit hard to find on the coast these days.

  1. says

    I am personally offended at Stouffers and Food Dude for promoting this video. It stereotypes Corporate America, Public Health Campaigns, Single People, and those with a serious case of l’ennui. Frozen microwave meals are no laughing matter Food Dude! You should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. Food Dude says

    I don’t see what the problem is – It’s not like you can put your head in the microwave. I’ve tried, and still have a bruise from the impact.

  3. Melissa says

    My laugh out loud moment of the day. As a therapist working with suicidal patients all day long, I can tell you this is AWESOME!

  4. oregoncoastgirl says

    To be honest, I don’t remember leaving the above comment… and I’m well aware of the fine internet tradition of the Onion, and fully understand the type of humor they were going for here. Perhaps at the time I read this, I was looking at it from a more human viewpoint- that there are a lot of lonely, very sad people out there that don’t need to be mocked. Chalk it up to a difference of humoristic opinion?

    • foop says

      I suppose there are those of us that are equal opportunity offenders and those that aren’t. If you spend your time being outraged for other people, you must not get a lot of sleep…

      • oregoncoastgirl says

        If you really believe that either of my comments merit ‘outraged’ as a descriptor, you might want to revisit the dictionary. You’re also welcome to infer anything you’d like about my sleeping habits, although I don’t recall that being relevant to the topic.

        • CO says

          if relevancy is what you seek, you’re continued, utter lack of ability to identify humor, surely fits the bill.

          Amusing=The Onion piece itself
          Funny=your original response
          Hilarious=the responses to your response
          ludicrous=your inability to find humor/levity in anything apparently

    • CO says

      First, spelling and punctuation critiques are the last bastion of the defeated. You unwittingly backed your way into a corner. How long until you make a(nother) mistake? Second, you ever hear that saying about the pot and the kettle? How does that go again?

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