Survey 2011: Best Place for a Business Lunch

As we wind down to the readers choice for Top Restaurants, we have three more survey results to post. The first few choices didn’t surprise me, but third choice made no sense to me, especially when compared to the others. I don’t have anything against the restaurant, it’s just that it has a totally different vibe.

Out of 610 votes:

  1. Higgins Restaurant & Bar – 11% of the vote. 1239 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205 (503) 222-9070 Map (They FINALLY have a website!)
  2. The Heathman – 5%. SW Broadway & SW Salmon St., Portland, OR 97205. (503) 241-4100 Map
  3. Little Bird – 4%. 219 Southwest 6th Ave., Portland, OR 97204 (503) 688-5952 Map

Honorable mention: Bluehour

Higgin’s restaurant has a classy, white linen feel to it, and I’ve had several business lunches there. However, you are more likely to find me in the bar, which is less formal, but still a good place to talk. The Heathman is similar – white linens and a fairly wide variety of dishes on the menu, though the food definitely has the “Jakes” touch. Little Bird is a French Bistro, a bit louder than the others, but with a focus on simpler food.

You can see all the 2011 survey winners here

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. garden girl says

    The Heathman is wonderful for lunch (or dinner!) whether for business or monkey business (just kidding, no canoodling for me!). I rarely eat bread at a restaurant but I’m addicted to their bread and delicious butter curls, best served cold. Love their salads that hit the spot and don’t break the bank for lunch, even if someone else is paying. But Higgins?
    Yuck! Never had a good meal there even when Greg is in the kitchen.

  2. Andrea says

    Wow! My experience is pretty much the opposite. Heathman has always been just meh-hotel food to me, while Higgins has been consistently good. I haven’t been to either place in awhile, though, so who knows what may have changed. I don’t think I’d go to an expensive place based on their butter curls, but the duck confit at Heathman has always satisfied, and the bartender knows his stuff.

  3. jimster says

    The last meal I had at the Heathman was an inedible breakfast that was eggs (overcooked) and sausage (flat out cold and undercooked). Ate none of it and no one asked what the deal was. I have had great food there sometimes but I wouldn’t trust it. Higgins, as long as you stay simple, is usually terrific. Soups are fantastic every time (and they pretty much always have a veggie/vegan one), burger is good, charcuterie is terrific, pasta bowl is usually solid and different and their specials are often times very interesting. Sometimes the “fancy” dining room food misses the mark and can be simply too much food but I think it is way easier to do well at Higgins than the Heathman.

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