Review: Biwa


Reader Survey Best Restaurants in Portland 2012 #16. New review 10/15/12 A lot has changed about Portland since my review of Biwa in 2008. Sure, Portland still isn't much of a sushi town as compared to Seattle, Vancouver BC, or San Francisco. Yet good ramen and izakaya style dining were still a rarity in Portland in … [Read more...]

Review: Aviary

Aviary Portland - Pana Cotta

Redolent of the sea, oysters at Aviary come five to a plate on a sparkling bed of ice. They hit the tongue like silk, sliding back, the tiny summer tang of tomato granite, building to the barest hint of horseradish, and then as they go down, a whisper of salty ocean air, like you are standing on a beach in a warm … [Read more...]

Review: Wong’s King Seafood


Minor updates 6.12. Haven't been here in a while, so comments as to your experience will be valuable to others. Here is another in my endless string of confessions to you, my 90,000 closest friends: I used to be embarrassed when out-of-town guests wanted to get Chinese in Portland. I have a lot of Asian friends. … [Read more...]

Review: Saucebox


Note: if a recent happy hour visit is any indication of what is going on in the restaurant, my rating would drop to 1 star. We tried five dishes and were served what can only be described as some of the worst food I've had in a Portland restaurant. Pad thai with the texture of baby food. Spring rolls that were worse … [Read more...]

Review: Bamboo Grove Hawaiian Grille

Bamboo Grove

Down in blue Hawaii. So far away from blue Hawaii. Aloha nui means goodbye. “In Blue Hawaii” Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks On yet another daylight-challenged, Oregon grey winter day, we puzzle over where to eat. It is a frequent noon time ritual at my office. My business partner–a social worker masquerading … [Read more...]