Review: Podnah’s Pit Barbecue

Truck in Maypearl

Updated 8/12 I indulged myself in the beginning section of this review by walking down memory lane. Click here if you'd like to  jump to review section. When I was a kid, I spent many summers on a big cattle ranch just down the road from the booming metropolis of Maypearl Texas, population less than 300. We had a … [Read more...]

Review: Fire On The Mountain Buffalo Wings


Almost ablaze, still you don’t feel the heat. Takes all you got just to stay on the beat. You say it’s a living, we all gotta eat. But you’re here alone, there’s no one to compete. If mercy’s in business, I wish it for you. More than just ashes when your dreams come true. “Fire On The Mountain” Robert … [Read more...]

Review: Brazil Grill


Refreshed 1.10 For those who have spent time in Brazil, it has always seemed strange there is no Brazilian-style grill in Portland. Almost every major city has one, and they tend to be very popular. Also called “churrascaria” (shoo-HOSS-ka-REE-ah), these Brazilian steakhouses are a carnivore’s paradise, paying … [Read more...]