Review: Meat Cheese Bread

Meat Cheese Bread

2008 was the year Portland sandwich shops blossomed. We went from a town with hardly any decent options to an embarrassment of riches. From what I hear, more are on the way. The secret ingredient that is setting these shops apart is the staff; they actually have a chef, and workers who are passionate about making … [Read more...]

Review: Kinara Thai Bistro

Kinara Thai

It seems like there are hundreds of Thai restaurants in Portland, with little to differentiate them. Pasty noodles, dried out meat, and curry paste from a jar seem to be the norm. When I stumble across one that is actually good, I am always surprised. Kinara Thai Bistro, next to the Lincoln High athletic field in the … [Read more...]

Review: Pine State Biscuits

Reggie Deluxe

[updated 10/2014] Witness the humble American biscuit. It's not very big, it doesn't store well, and it's not particularly attractive. I think it's safe to say that you won't see biscuits at your local Boulangerie any time soon. Biscuits just don't get that kind of respect. Enter Pine State Biscuits, who have … [Read more...]

Coffee Guide: Caffe Umbria

Caffe Umbria portland

Caffé Umbria appeared on the scene a few months ago, with all the flash and glamour you'd expect for a major restaurant opening. Getting through the door and fighting my way through the mob, it was hard to believe all of this fuss was for yet another coffeehouse. This new cafe is in the Casey Building, at the corner … [Read more...]

Review: Dove Vivi

Dove Vivi Pizza

I recently had the opportunity to eat at one of the more interesting pizza places in town. Dove Vivi opened last summer close to the corner of NE 28th and Glisan in that odd little mini-mall pocket opposite Plaid Pantry and kitty corner to Pambiche, the Cuban restaurant. It's a nice addition to the tip of the NE 28th … [Read more...]

Review: Miss Delta


If you'd like to skip past memories of my childhood, just scroll down - the review is clearly marked. I've written before about the time I spent growing up in  Maypearl Texas, but I never mentioned the boiled chicken death march, and my plot to get even. In the 50's, dinner in the south was a family, sit-down … [Read more...]

Coffee Guide: Coffehouse NW

Cup of coffee

That Coffeehouse NW has become a destination for coffee fans citywide is a miracle. The pedestrian-hostile, auto-drenched corridor of Burnside Street is anything but cute—not so much resembling the two-lane, café-lined Eastside connectors like Belmont and Mississippi. And while Coffeehouse NW was trying to build its … [Read more...]

Review: Broder Scandinavian


Comfort Food for Portland, Scandinavian Style (Minor updates, 4.15) On SE Clinton Street there is a restaurant that translates Scandinavian cuisine perfectly for Pacific NW palates. It emphasizes simple cooking, using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients. Judging from Broder's increasing popularity, they have … [Read more...]