Review: Gilda’s

You hear all the time that one of the lamentable gaps in Portland’s culinary scene is the absence of great Chinese restaurants. Understandably there is little here to compare with the Chinese food palaces of San Francisco or Vancouver, B.C., but sadly we fall down in that department relative to Seattle as well. But a … [Read more...]

Review: Tabla Mediterranean Bistro

Tabla Restaurant Portland Oregon

[Updated 10.12. - new prices and various other updates] Since I reviewed Tabla in 2006, it has been through a few transitions. Chef Anthony Cafiero has left, and though the menu seems slightly less complex, the restaurant is still quite good, drawing regular crowds of happy diners. Tabla may feel like a local, … [Read more...]

Review: Lucca – Two Views


If there is one thing I have learned since I started this site, it is that there is more than one way of looking at a restaurant experience. Different things are more important to different people. While some put the food before anything else, others may care more about the atmosphere or the prices. Last week I was … [Read more...]

Review: Dove Vivi

Dove Vivi Pizza

I recently had the opportunity to eat at one of the more interesting pizza places in town. Dove Vivi opened last summer close to the corner of NE 28th and Glisan in that odd little mini-mall pocket opposite Plaid Pantry and kitty corner to Pambiche, the Cuban restaurant. It's a nice addition to the tip of the NE 28th … [Read more...]

Ristorante Roma

Walking past Ristorante Roma, one might summon up faded memories of family-run trattorie on Rome's back streets, set with starched white tablecloths and sturdy dishes, decorated with photographs of local monuments, where in the corner sits a swarthy man shoving spaghetti into his mouth with insouciant abandon and … [Read more...]

Review: Giorgio’s


Note: This review is quite old, and, from my recent experience, is no longer valid. I no longer recommend it. It's an incredibly fertile time for the Portland restaurant scene; there has been an absolute flurry of openings in the last year or so. We haven't seen so much activity since, well, last year's flurry of … [Read more...]

Review: Nick’s Italian Cafe McMinville

Reviews News

10/13/12. I haven't been to this restaurant in some time, but a source who I trust has told me it has gone way downhill. Please keep this in mind. Just in time for warmer weather, we head south to McMinnville, where new contributor, Hungry Soul, reviews Nick's Italian Cafe. Nick's Italian Cafe has been around … [Read more...]

Review: Ken’s Artisan Pizza

Ken's Artisan Finocchiona Pizza

(updated 03/24: photos/hours/wine list. If you are looking for Ken's Artisan Bakery, you will find it here.) Seems like not too long ago, it was said you could not get a bad meal in Italy. Sadly, that has certainly changed, and as the American lifestyle and more materialism creeps across Italy's cities, a poorly … [Read more...]